Gluten Free Recipe Round Up: Lunches for Work

Now that I'm an official, 9-to-5 working woman (well, at least two days a week!), food prep is even more important than ever. What's a hungry celiac to do? Create a round up of her favorite portable recipes to tote to work, of course!

So whether you're vegan or paleo, a veggie lover or hater, or more of a PB&J kind of foodie, check out some of the best recipes in the blogosphere (in this modest celiac's opinion anyway).

casey the college celiac
Upgrading the usual brown bag lunches!
The only requirements? Gluten free (obviously) and delicious! For convenience's sake, all of these recipes are also microwave optional.

Veggie Packed:

My favorite homemade pizza on a vegan buckwheat base. This was actually what I brought to work on my first day! Put a couple slices on some mixed greens with steamed green beans and avocado on the side for extra deliciousness...

For sushi lovers (or wannabe sushi lovers like I am...), Further Food's "Clean Out the Fridge Nori Wrap" is the perfect versatile lunch. Since it uses Nori instead of a tortilla, it's lighter than most burrito-style eats and I love being able to throw in whatever leftovers I have in my fridge.

casey the college celiac
That close up...
Ever since I started experimenting with food post-diagnosis, I've been all about curries. Combine curry with tuna, cauliflower rice and creamy coconut milk, and you've got one of my favorites recipes from Rebecca at Strength and Sunshine. Why not add some light and spicy flavor to your workday?

Looks like a pastry, tastes like chicken pot pie? Using flour from The Good Scone, this summer chicken pot pie galette with this vegan crust always blows my family away...pop a slice on some greens, maybe add some avocado (can you tell I'm addicted?) and eat with a fork for a sophisticated office lunch!

casey the college celiac
Still dreaming of this one!

Potato Power:

This is the easiest dish to cook when I only have 30 minutes of prep time. Broiled veggies, baked smashed potato and avocado? Done, done, devour!

Speaking of smashed taters...of course Davida came up with the brilliant idea of combining my two favorite foods into one delicious bite: pesto smashed potatoes. Add some protein, veggies and mixed greens and presto - the perfect lunch on the go.

casey the college celiac
The perfect combo!
Feeling like having a fiesta at work? Cook my potato wedge nachos ahead of time, throw them on some mixed greens and eat with a fork right out of your lunch box.

When I first saw Arman's recipe for slow cooker vegetable Korma, I literally bookmarked it with "DO IT!!!!" written in the title. Because even a foodie needs reminders of her favorite finds, right? This is the perfect vegan meal to make the day before, throw in a plastic container and devour cold the next day. I personally made the recipe with potatoes and coconut flour (versus root veggies and almond flour) but you do you!

casey the college celiac
Creamy curry powder goodness!
And, of course, my infamous sweet potato salmon classmates and roommates are always jealous when I eat them for dinner, so we'll see what looks I get when I whip these out in the office! (Any funny reactions, as always, shall be shared on the blog for community enjoyment).

Grains on the Brain:

I haven't made this Wild Rice Green Bowl yet, but as soon as saw Vicky's gorgeous photos, I added it to my to-do list. Roasted veggies? Wild rice? A super pink, pomegranate sauce? What's not to love?

Brandi of The Vegan 8 is one of my favorite bloggers and once you try making mac and cheese using her homemade vegan cheese sauce, you'll understand why! I love using my favorite rice noodles (and sometimes even cook my mac and cheese in the crock pot). Although the mac and cheese tastes delicious hot, it tastes just as good cold.

casey the college celiac
So good, you won't even miss dairy!
All the homemade Chipotle-style burrito bowls (like this one from Iowa Eats!). Simple, protein-packed (with or without the chicken) and definitely enough like the real thing that you won't envy your co-workers' take out lunches. In this case, eating your feelings is completely healthy!

In my experience, food prep is the key to making food allergies or celiac a part of your work life instead of a problem in it. However, you can't prep a killer lunch without an equally killer recipe! Now, I'll admit this is only my third week of work...but, if my lunch portfolio is any indication, I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start!

*Also found at Saucy SaturdaysSunday Fitness and Food Link Up and RunningwithSpoon's Link Party!*

What are your favorite meals to take to work (or school)? Do you follow any of these bloggers too? Comment below!


  1. All of these ideas look super yummy!

    1. Thanks Angela! Hope you can enjoy one or two of them :)

  2. Oh my gosh... Looking through the pictures makes me craving for Chipotle! I wish I could make one too :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. Wow! Love all these ideas...Pinned :-)


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