A Celiac's First 16 Thoughts at Disneyland

When you're moving out of California in one month, you come up with a lot of bucket list activities. Staying in a beach cottage. Starting my first "job." And, in this last week, exploring Disneyland for the final time!

Keep your eyes out (and Internet browsers open) for a full review of restaurants and the Disney experience. Until then, here's a peek at the first 16 thoughts a celiac has at Disneyland!

casey the college celiac
In front of the castle!
1. Welcome to the happiest place on Earth...bring out the gluten free treats!

2. All I can smell is sugar. Anyone ever heard of death by churro?

3. These shoes were made for walkin'...and walkin'...and walkin...

casey the college celiac
A lot of walking...
4. *Insert oohs and ahhs during the Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion rides*

5. Back to walkin'...a little window shoppin'...then more walkin'.

6. Lunch time at Tortilla Jo's! Can I talk to the chef, por favor?

casey the college celiac tortilla jo's
7. Gluten free enchiladas? Me gusta mucho. 

8. *Prays to the gluten free gods to bless me with a celiac-safe meal* 

9. *Struggle to choose between stuffing myself and gushing over how good it tastes* 

10. Last round of walkin'...and enjoying rides...and lots of photographs. 

casey the college celiac
Camera shots (and collage skills) from Dad!
11. *insert screams echoing from the Indiana Jones ride* 

12. Thinks: I know that cafe has gluten free food...to stop and drool even though I'm not hungry, or to initiate operation escape crowds in hotel room? 

13. The dessert shop has gluten free cookies? SCORE! 

casey the college celiac gluten free cookies
A preview...
14. *sneakily photographs the cafe sign, gluten free shelves and cookie bags* Food blogger problems. 

15. Time to collapse in the hotel room...and snack on yogurt, fruit and homemade granola before bed. 

16. A dream is a wish your heart makes...or your stomach, in my case. I fall asleep dreaming of the gluten free goodies and adventures to come! 

casey the college celiac disneyland resort
Perfect pillows for dreamin'!
And that's a wrap of a few thoughts from day one (productively written while standing in line for Space Mountain). Cue another day full of Disney magic! 

*Also found on Flaunt it Friday*

Have you ever gone to Disneyland as a celiac? What are your favorite places to eat, explore or shop? Comment below! 


  1. As someone who was born and raised in LA, Disneyland has a special place in my heart!! I have yet to go since becoming gluten-free [since I'm not 6 hours away from it!] but I don't know if it would be much of an issue for me. The prices there are OUTRAGEOUS so I always packed my food anyway. Typically I would buy some popcorn somewhere or maybe some Dole Whip or hit the ice cream place on Main Street. Though I would dearly miss those waffle cones....

    1. The prices definitely are crazy! Eating out was a special occasion for us...those waffle cones did smell delicious though!

  2. My parents are at disneyland right now! They have annual passes and go every week… not kidding. They sure are getting their money’s worth!

    1. Haha good for them! Making sure they get their weekly dose of Disney magic ;)


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