Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know

If the three years since my celiac diagnosis have taught me anything, it's that gluten can hide in some weird places. Soy sauce, soups, plates made of wheat instead of trees...and, as I discovered a few years ago, in health and beauty products.

Now, according to Beyond Celiac, research has shown that celiacs don't need to use gluten-free cosmetics or shampoos, besides lipstick or hand lotion that could accidentally be ingested. In fact,  it seems that the only way gluten can enter the skin through a topically-applied product is if the celiac has a deep cut. At the same time, if you do use gluten-containing products, you need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating or prepping food.

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know

In the end, choosing to use or not use gluten-free health and beauty products is a personal decision every celiac has to make...but if you prefer gluten free options, here are some of my (non-sponsored) favorites!


I discovered this company a few years ago and have been buying 90% of my hygiene products from them ever since! What makes Cleure so great? First of all, not only are all of their products free of gluten, but they are also free of "fragrance, salicylates, formaldehyde, and other harsh ingredients" (according to their "About" page). As someone with extremely sensitive skin, it's been amazing to find a brand with such a "clean" and "pure" (hence the name) ingredients.

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know
A peak inside my shower...
I also appreciate that Cleure headquarters is located in Santa Barbara, California and all of their products - from ingredients to containers - are made in the US. For Earth and animal lovers, all Cleure jars and tubes are also recyclable and Cleure prohibits animal testing. While Cleure can be a bit pricey, I sign up for their newsletters and try to time my orders for when they have a sale going on (such as free shipping).

What exactly do I buy from Cleure? My typical order includes: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, lip balm and lipstick. (Fun fact: not to brag, but people can't believe how soft my hair is. Who says you need complex ingredients for a good shampoo and conditioner?)


I actually discovered Cetaphil when I visited my dermatologist about an eczema flare. He prescribed Cetaphil face wash and I haven't used anything since. Be aware: only the Gentle Skin Cleanser is guaranteed gluten free. Other products contain ingredients that are derived from grains and could contain gluten. If you have sensitive skin like I do, though, you'll appreciate that the Gentle Skin Cleanser is just that: mild, non-irritating and based on a formula that is soap-free in order to not strip your skin of its natural oils.

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know
Different name, same product!


Another dermatologist-referred product, Vanicream's Moisturizing Skin Cream is about as hydrating as you can get. This moisturizer - which can be found on Amazon, Target, Walmart and most big outlets - is "free of dyes, lanolin, masking fragrance, fragrance, parabens, and formaldehyde" according to its label. The same company behind Vanicream promotes an article about "Celiac Disease, Gluten and the Skin" on their website, which helped seal the deal for me...besides the fact that the dry patches on my arms and legs are finally disappearing!

Red Apple Lipstick:

If you're a fan of Celiac and the Beast, you've probably heard of Red Apple Lipstick before. Just like with Cleure, all products from Red Lipstick are made in the United States (Texas to be specific) and are free from gluten, petroleum, dairy, corn, harsh chemicals, GMOs and "animal bits." According to their website, they also pack their lip products with a Vitamin E to help fight chapped lips and their mineral eye shadow is designed to satisfy even the most sensitive eyes.

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know
Their GF status is impossible to miss!
I've personally only tried their lipstick after I won a gift certificate last year. I fell in love from the first swipe and used it until even my fingers couldn't reach the last bit of lipstick in the tube. Red Apple also offers a variety of lip and eye products, ranging from lip liner to mascara. Red Apple is definitely a little pricey, but considering some studies find that women consume between 3.7 to (as the myth reports) 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime, your safety of mind (and health) is worth it.

I know that when it comes to gluten, I will never cease to be surprised. While I'm hopeful that living as a celiac will become easier (for me and others) as the years pass, I'm always grateful for the gluten free products I know and have come to love.

Gluten Free Health and Beauty Products Every Celiac Should Know

Because, as cliche as it sounds, life is a little easier handle when rockin' some enviably soft hair and a bright shade of lipstick.

*Also found at Wow Me Wednesday and RunningwithSpoons!*

Do you worry about using gluten free health or beauty products? Have you ever tried any of these brands? Comment below!


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