Monthly Favorites: August 2016 + Love with Food Giveaway!

You've probably heard the saying that time flies when you're having fun. Well, I wasn't having fun all of August (if you've never moved, be very grateful for that fact), but time flew by anyway...until I had to fly back to San Diego for my last semester of college a few days ago!

By the time you're reading this post, I'll have (hopefully) made it to Point Loma Nazarene University, unpacked all my things and survived my first two days of classes. Before we jump into the chaos that is senior year, though, why not reflect back on the highs and lows of August?

casey the college celiac

(And get you all signed up for a giveaway from Love with Food!)

What I'm Eating

"Picnic" dinners featuring a spread of roasted veggies, avocado, baked sweet and regular potatoes, mixed greens and either black bean soup or leftover fish.

An insanely delicious pre-birthday dinner at Coquette's, the gluten free bistro and bakery (which is also basically my happy place in Colorado Springs). I enjoyed a chicken sandwich on their house-made bread with a side salad and a few of my mom's truffle fries. The gluten-lovers (dad and sis) are just as big of fans and respectively devoured fried fish and chips and fried chicken...along with a few dessert goodies afterward!

casey the college celiac, coquette's, gluten free,
All the delicious eats!
Too much oatless oatmeal crunchy clusters, mini baked green pancakes and smoothie bowls to might say that I'm eating my way through the last weeks of summer.

What I'm Doing

Spending as much time as possible exploring the gorgeous Colorado Springs scenery. I don't think I'll ever get tired of walking ten minutes and stumbling upon a waterfall, spending time with the folks (and the dog) as we stroll through a nearly-abandoned forest or having deer - ranging from mamas to teens to babies - keep me company along the trails, roads and even in our front yard! And if I do ever get tired of sure to send me an email telling me to snap me out of it!

Getting back into yoga. Besides experimenting with the Core Power studio that's near our new house, I've recently discovered FightMaster Yoga on YouTube. They offer a variety of free videos ranging in skill level, time and focus. When I need a way to wind down or work off some extra energy after dinner (and it's too rainy to walk...which is a common problem in Colorado lately), I love gettin' my (goofy) yogi on!

casey the college celiac, yoga, cheyenne canyon hike, colorado springs
Hikes and crow (poses)...
Preparing for my last semester of college (*insert monkey hiding eyes emoji here). A few days ago, I received an email about scheduling my graduation about a reality check that only 12 units stands between me and a diploma. I'm so grateful that, during this last month, I had a bit of a break from internship and other work as we focused on moving and setting up our new house. While still somewhat stressful, these few weeks gave me time to bake (as the plenty of new recipes I've posted have shown), keep up with the blog and mentally prepare for another whirlwind semester!

What I'm Planning

As I've mentioned in previous posts, having a blast during my last three months of undergrad! Even though I'm only taking 12 units, I will be kept plenty busy by interning (as Senior Editor of Entity Magazine), working as a Teacher's Assistant and applying to 12 grad schools before the December deadline. I'm also planning on squeezing in quite a few fun activities, like visiting my gal pal who goes to school in LA and taking weekly cliff-side walks with friends.

Celebrating my 21st birthday on September 6! This will be a different birthday than most because, for the first time, my family won't be able to stop by. I was definitely spoiled by going to college only 45 minutes away from home for three years, but I know my folks will be sending lots of love from Colorado Springs. I don't have too much planned, but I do know that good food (possible from my new addiction, Peace Pies) and friends will be in the mix...

casey the college celiac, peace pies, san diego, vegan
A repeat is in order? well as lots of gluten free goodies on the blog! September will be "Birthday Month" on the blog, focusing on new beginnings - ranging from graduating to having new adventures - and tons of product reviews, giveaways (like the one posted only a few lines below!) and recipes. You might want to wear a bib when you read the next few weeks of blog posts...and be ready to discover some new favorite products and meals to make!

Now, for the giveaway you've probably be waiting scrolling for. Love with Food (full disclosure: I am a part of their affiliate program) is teaming up with Canyon Bakehouse to offer an epic gluten free giveaway. Three lucky winners will receive a bundle of goodies from Canyon Bakehouse (for a sneak peak at what you could get, check out my Canyon Bakehouse reviews). Enter here and good luck!

casey the college celiac, colorado springs
Going with the (river) flow next semester...
August has come and went, and I'm sure that September will fly by just as quickly. But with goodies from companies like Snackin' Free, Primizie Snacks, Pipsnacks, Bob's Red Mill and Sambazon to look forward to, rest assured that the time will be tasty!

*Also found at LovePastaToolBelt and RunningwithSpoons*

What were your highlights this August? What did you eat and do? What are you planning? I can't wait to hear below!


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