#Glutenfree Monthly Favorites: College Graduation, Vitamix Reunions & Vegan Scones

It may be a new year, but the months of 2017 are going by just as fast as 2016's. Of course, a busy schedule might be partly to blame. Not only have we survived New Year's and the Presidential Inauguration, but we've also enjoyed fun holidays like National Gluten Free Day or National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

So what has this celiac been up to when she wasn't celebrating some special day of the year? College graduations, Whole Foods field trips, my first big job and more.

casey the college celiac vegan smoothie bowl

To hear all about the January highlights that haven't made it on the blog - plus my plans for February (including some mega giveaways!) - keep on scrolling! 

What I'm Eating

The creamiest, silkiest smoothie bowls ever thanks to the return of my beloved Vitamix. My parent (thanks again!) drove my car back from college in San Diego to our new home in Colorado Springs after I graduated. Since I couldn't fit my Vitamix in my suitcase, it got to hang out in my ex-roomie's closet for one month. Sure, the Nutribullet does the trick for smoothies...but Vitamix creations literally taste like dessert

Scones...homemade gluten free and vegan that even my gluten-lovin' dad enjoyed. I didn't make any official New Year's resolutions, but I do want to escape my recipe rut. So when I saw this genius recipe, I decided I should bake scones - even though I've never even tasted them before! It took a few tries, but I'd now consider myself a decent scone chef...and I'm certainly a scone lover.

casey the college celiac smoothie bowl Whole Foods
All the yum!
Smashed black bean spreads on EVERYTHING. I rediscovered my love of refried beans thanks to the amazing Whole Foods hot bar (one of the best surprises this Christmas was winning Canyon Bakehouse's giveaway for bagels and a Whole Foods gift card!). So, I've been smashing my black beans with a little oregano and thyme for a delicious dip for potatoes and chips. If you haven't tried this combo before, fix that oversight ASAP!

What I'm Doing

Recovering from a memory-packed college graduation weekend in San Diego. I wouldn't call the trip "perfect." (I am definitely sooooo over flights and flight delays!). However, it went about as well as I could hope. I got to spend some precious extra hours hanging out with friends. We enjoyed ridiculously gorgeous weather on the day of the ceremony, even though it has been raining for days before and a huge storm hit a few days later. The traveling was definitely brutal, but the memories are totally worth it!

Taking every chance I get to enjoy long walks on sunny winter days. I know...I've talked about walks countless times before, but my love for them can't be denied! I can't walk alongside the ocean anymore. Hiking up nearly abandoned mountain sides, though, makes for a decent trade. I enjoyed a long hike on the weekend that I was 100% burned out from graduation, travel and work...and some time outdoors was just the medicine I needed (plus rest and food, of course). 

casey the college celiac colorado springs
My most recent hike!
Embracing my first "real" job with Entity Magazine...and celebrating my first semi-viral article. My first job has definitely been more challenging than I imagined, but it's also been super rewarding. I've learned plenty of Wordpress ninja tricks and interviewed countless experts for articles (ranging from famous artists to sex experts!). Perhaps my most proud accomplishment so far is having one of my articles - "What It's Like to Live with a Disease Everyone Assumes is Fake" - go semi-viral. Educating the world about chronic illness, one article at a time!

What I'm Planning

Some adventures with the family, ranging from seeing a Cirque du Soleil show all about bugs to checking out the closest Sprouts grocery store (which is sadly 20 minutes away) to many more hot yoga classes with my dad. Sometimes simple days and pleasures are the best!

Keeping my fingers crossed and asking for prayers/positive thoughts about grad school. So far, I've received two replies...both rejections. One school even said that they had 475 applicants for 4 spots - a new record. I still have 9 schools to go, and I'm praying I get into just one! Until I hear back from more, I'll be thinking lots of positive thoughts...

A looooooot of product reviews, sponsored recipes and even a few mega giveaways! In the next few weeks, I have some delicious reviews coming your way, including recipes featuring Frontier Bites and BFree Foods. I'm also mentally working out the logistics of hosting a big giveaway to celebrate four years of the blog...so keep your eyes out.

casey the college celiac frontier bites BFree Foods
Some snapshots of what's to come...
I know I say this with every monthly favorite post, but it's hard to believe that we're already in our second month of 2017. However, I also am somewhat glad to leave January - the month of strict resolutions and prevalent attempts to "make up for" or "catch up from" the holidays - behind. February should be different; it is the month of love after all!

I don't want this month to be filled with only romantic love, though. I hope February is also the month cupid urges you to fall in love with yourself. Because if I - or anyone else - is going to kick some major booty this month, we need all the self love and confidence we can get! 

What were some of your highlights from January? What are you planning in February? Tell me below!  


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