How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times

I don't know what I imagined life post-college would be like. Or, actually, I know vaguely what I expected: freedom, having it all together, and everything going according to plan. Well, I have the first one down. The other two? Not so much.

A few weeks ago, I was reading Robyn's blog, The Real Life RD, (if you've never read her stuff, fix that ASAP) when I came upon a phrase of hers: "this season of life." She used it to describe her crazy work schedule for the next few months...I've been using it to describe my emotional instability (hello five straight grad school rejections). And I know plenty of (online and offline) friends who are going through their own rough seasons - whether with challenging classes at school, health struggles or just the maze that is everyday life

How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times, casey the college celiac

So what does embracing all the seasons - and all the highs and lows - of life really mean? (And this isn't meant to sound like a pity party. I just want to be honest where my head is at...and show others that they aren't the only ones dealing with some baggage). I'm no expert, but right now embracing the "season of life" looks something like this...

Diving even deeper into my work with Entity Magazine to keep my brain distracted. I'm especially proud of learning to make short videos of articles - like this one on the health benefits of women supporting women!

Accepting that, for right now, my life basically consists of work + moving my body + cooking food for my body + blogging + sleep. Along with the odd grocery store run while singing at the top of my lungs to the radio. (Basically, a foodie's definition of a good time).

Savoring time with family during hikes at nearby fields, walks to the nearby Broadmoor Hotel or just lazy weekend days. Colorado Springs' natural beauty is giving San Diego's some stiff competition!

How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times
At the Broadmoor Hotel...
Discovering Spotify (I know, I'm very late to the party) and jamming to some new songs as I work. 

Facebook messaging friends from college to see how the other half is living...and watching iZombie "together" via FaceTime. Desperate times, desperate measures...

Crying over emails saying I "regretfully" can't be admitted to a school's grad program. Who knew that messages of less than 100 words could hurt so much? 

Relying on go-to meals (like nacho-stuffed spaghetti squash and lots of potatoes) when I don't have the motivation or time to try something new. (If you have any fave gf/dairy free/vegan recipes, feel free to drop a link in the comments!)

Reading the most "for fun" books I have in years. Mystery or psychological novels for the win!

Finally getting my hands on that lotta-money-a-year piece of paper.

How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times

Calling my parents during their vacation away just to hear their voices. And realizing I definitely don't want my own house, dog or child (hi sis!) for a looooooong time. (Although the ability to watch How to Get Away With Murder without headphones is a bonus).

Feeling proud of every new contact I'm making through my work with Entity Mag. Recently, I've interviewed a world-leading life coach, countless authors, and one of the doctors who regularly appears on The Doctors TV show. My LinkedIn is slowly growing! 

Realizing that, some days, I'm going to walk around feeling (and looking) like a zombie. And I'll just need to chill and eat them brains (correction: gluten free grains).  

I'm hoping that, even just a handful of weeks from now, life will be more certain. I'm hoping I'll hear one "yes" from the six schools I have left, which would give me a solid plan for the next two years. And, if I don't get in anywhere, I'm hoping I'll be okay, and find the alternate path that is meant for me.

How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times
Some of my fave quotes from Instagram lately...
But for right now, this - the uncertainty, the going-through-the-movements - is the season I'm living in. And just like we can't have winter without spring, I can't move on to the next stage in my life without facing this one. 

So, whatever season you're in for the moment, remember this: it will pass. That can be good and that can be bad, but change is guaranteed. What you're doing right now to cope might not be the "healthiest" or "ideal" reaction - but it may be exactly what you need in this moment, and it doesn't determine your future behavior or your self worth. 

Butterflies don't look down at themselves for their lowly days as caterpillars (and, if they do, bugs have way more problems than predators and pesticide!) So, I refuse to look down at myself for struggling at times right now - and neither should you.

How to Embrace The "Season of Life" Mentality During Hard Times
All those ups and downs...
This season isn't what I expected, but it's what I've been given. So I'm embracing it, enjoying every moment I can - and hoping that, soon, I'll be able fly

Have you ever heard the phrase "season of life"? What season of life are you going through right now? 


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