Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!

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If I had to sum up April in one word, it would have to be "sweet." I got to stretch my legs and relax my mind during a two-week vacation from work. My mailbox has been exploding with several gluten free goodies - two of which I'll be gushing about here! And I have a sweet deal for readers: a huge giveaway with over $8,000 of prizes thanks to Love With Food (who I am an ambassador for)!

So what has this celiac been up to? What treats have my taste buds fallen for? And will you win this epic giveaway?

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!

Keep reading to find out! 

What I'm Eating

Strawberry jam on everything. Have you ever tried a food and realized that it's an addiction you've been missing out on your whole life? Yep, that's me with Rigoni di Asiago's strawberry jam. April was National Strawberry Month, so I was lucky enough for Rigoni to send a goodie bag to review. I'll admit it: I was planning on letting my jam-lovin' mother enjoy some of it, but I've been hoarding this jam all to myself! Simple ingredients (strawberries and apple juice), chunks of real strawberries throughout, and noticeable-yet-not-overwhelming sweetness. I've been slathering Asiago's strawberry jam on BFree Foods bagels, oatless oatmeal, smoothie bowls and everything in between! 

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!

Bowls of potato, chickpea and veggie curry. My mom gave me half of a potato to use up after our Easter dinner, and I thought nothing sounded better than a curry! I simply sautéed chopped vegetables with turmeric, thyme, and oregano. Once tender, add chickpeas, the pre-cooked and chopped potato, a little curry powder and some plant based milk. Stir until everything is heated through and creamy...and devour

Mini (vegan and paleo) muffins from Peace A Cake. Oh my goodness - where to even start? When I saw these samples in the mail, I couldn't help but jump up and down. I mean, muffins (and brownies) that are made with ingredients like cassava flour, vegan chocolate and protein powder...but taste delectable? What could be better? So far, I've tasted the chocolate and the salted caramel walnut muffins, and I savored every bite. Sweet but not sugary; dense but not hard; and just the right size for a post-dinner treat. That Salted Caramel Walnut muffin is hands-down one of the best gluten-free and vegan baked goods I've tried so far...

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!
A close up of that walnut muffin!

What I'm Doing

Celebrating finding an affordable apartment within walking distance of my new school (Minnesota State University, Mankato). I know it'll have its pros and cons, but the location sold me on this studio apartment. It'll also be my first time living alone, so it is a big step into adulthood for me! 

Giving my blog a major facelift (as you've hopefully noticed). After a week of total rest during my vacation, I felt more motivated to dive into the blog than I have in a LONG time. So, I toyed around with the design and love how it turned out. To me, it's so much more professional and sleek. Tell me your thoughts on Casey the College Celiac's new look (suggestions are welcome as well!) in the comments!

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!
Apparently, Minnesota has mosquitoes...(I'm allergic)

Starting the prep for moving to Minnesota! My official move-in date is in the last week of July, so I still have a few months. However, since this is Type-A, worry-wart me, I've already been starting on my to-do list (with "fun" stuff like getting my car tuned up). That adulting life...

What I'm Planning

Continuing to grow my blog and explore with some new blogging tools. I've been loving Canva (the app I've been using to create those sleek blog post title graphics!) and one of my latest creations recently went viral on my Facebook page! I reached over 90,000 people in 72 hours and I'd love to do that again! (PS - Celiac Awareness Month is in May, so product reviews and giveaways will be plentiful!)

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!

Continuing to work part-time for Entity Magazine. While I'm no longer working full-time, I'm still a part of the Entity team and I couldn't be happier! If you're a young adult female in the Los Angeles area who wants to gain experience in communications or writing, check out Entity's summer mentorship program. It's how my work with Entity began

Hoping that one of my lovely readers will win big at Love With Food! What exactly could you win? One lucky person will receive three days/two nights of lodging and round-trip airfare to Las you can choose three friends to join you! The winner will also score various gift cards - to everything from spas to restaurants - and cash prizes to spend during your trip! This prize is an $8,000 value,  so someone will definitely be feeling lucky after this giveaway ends on May 15

To enter, click on the following link: Enter the Besties' Las Vegas Getaway Sweepstakes! I wish you all the luck!

Monthly Favorites: Gluten Free Treats, an $8,000 Giveaway and More!
Hello from Spring!
Have you ever heard the phrase, "April showers bring May flowers"? Well, this month, I think I've been showered by more than rain. I've received plenty of blessings, from finding an apartment to getting to taste some amazing gluten free food. 

April has come and gone, but it was amazing while it lasted. I just can't wait to see what blooms in May! 

*I received products from Rigoni di Asiago and Peace A Cake in return for an honest review. I also serve as a Love with Food ambassador. However, all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own. Thanks for supporting what supports Casey the College Celiac!*

What was your favorite eat or activity in April? Have you ever tried Rigoni di Asiago's jams or Peace A Cake's mini muffins? Tell me your thoughts below!

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  1. You are moving to Minnesota!!!? An early welcome to you! I am from here and I love it. Yes, there are mosquitoes... :( I guess that goes with the territory of being the land of 10,000 lakes (which is no joke, by the way-there is SO much water here!)

    1. How cool! I'm always excited to meet more people from Minnesota! And yeah, it makes sense that those little buggers would be in a place with so much water. I'm excited to explore all of the lakes and gorgeous scenery though! :D

  2. Hi Casey! I represent a Gluten free, dairy free brand, and would love to talk to you about doing a product review.

    Please contact me when you get the chance:

    Thank you!


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