Tell Me You Have a Chronic Illness...Without Telling Me You Have a Chronic Illness

If you're on TikTok or Instagram regularly, you may have noticed the trendy video prompt, "Tell me you have __ without telling me you have __"...and here's my spin on a chronic illness version of it! Because as any spoonie knows, if you have a chronic illness, it affects our lives in many unique, challenging and even funny ways. And as someone with celiac disease, fibromyaliga, asthma and several other chronic illnesses, I definitely have experienced many of these quirks first-hand! 

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

So if you're having a hard time with your chronic illness right now, I hope this post helps you feel less alone or even triggers a chuckle at some of the "quirky" habits chronic illness can trigger. And if you're dating someone chronically ill or have chronically ill friends or loved ones, here's the "why" behind some of our stranger behavior! 

Tell Me You Have a Chronic Illness...Without Telling Me You Have a Chronic Illness

1. You have an entire cabinet, shelf or box dedicated to your medical prescriptions.

2. You have more in common with a stereotypical "grandma" than people your own age.

3. You wear a heating pad like it's another layer of pants or shirt.

4. You worry that new friends may think you're flaky since they don't understand why you need to cancel plans last-minute. 

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

5. You forget that some people don't have to fill up a weekly pill organizer. 

6. At least most (if not all) of your pants are leggings.

7. You rarely wake up and feel actually "rested."

8. Your local pharmacist knows you by name.

9. You're used to going to the doctor and hearing, "I've never seen/heard of that before!"

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

10. Your friends and family know "special" terms like "flare up," "glutened," or "low on spoons."

11. You have a list of your medications on your phone or in a safe place in case it's needed.

12. You already have or are considering getting a medical ID bracelet.

13. You have different kinds of ice packs and massagers depending on what part of you hurts.

14. You rarely - if ever - leave the house without some kind of medication on you.

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

15. You don't simply "pack light for a spontaneous trip."

16. You don't simply "take a spontaneous trip," period!

17. People know that if they need Tylenol or other over-the-counter meds, they should talk to you. 

18. Your schedule revolves around doctors' appointments.

19. When dating, you wonder when it's time to have "the talk" about your medical conditions.

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

20. You know which of your veins are good veins.

21. Friends or family ask you for medical advice before they ask their doctor.

22. You always check where the closest bathroom is when at a new place.

23. Your daily schedule revolves around when you need to take certain medications.

24. You spend more on meds or medically-required foods than hair or beauty products.

Based on the TikTok trend, here are 25 ways you can tell me you have a #chronicillness... without plainly saying you do! #celiac #fibromyalgia #ibs

25. You're constantly proving to yourself you're stronger than you think.

Now, It's Your Turn...

Let me know in the comments - how could YOU tell me you have a chronic illness without straight-out saying it? 

I'd love to hear!


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