11 Questions People with Celiac Disease Actually Want to Be Asked

Celiac Awareness Month is officially here, so I figured there's no better time than now to share 11 questions people with celiac disease actually WANT to be asked. There are plenty of posts out there about what to not say to someone with celiac disease (and yep, I've written several of them!). But I also want people to know what they can and should ask loved ones or friends with celiac disease.

What do people with #celiacdisease really want to be asked? Here are 11 questions people with #celiac appreciate hearing! #glutenfree #chronicillness

So if you know someone with celiac disease - especially if they've been newly diagnosed or this is a new relationship - here are 11 questions they'll actually appreciate you asking! And if you do have celiac disease, here are 11 prompts you can use to discuss your gluten free needs with friends and family. 

1. What are some of your favorite gluten free brands or products to eat?

2. Are there any other foods or food groups you avoid?

3. Do you feel comfortable eating at restaurants? If so, where?

And if your friend is newly diagnosed with celiac disease and doesn't know, here are a few of my favorite celiac-friendly chain restaurants.

What do people with #celiacdisease really want to be asked? Here are 11 questions people with #celiac appreciate hearing! #glutenfree #chronicillness

4. What can I do to make eating gluten free easier for you?

5. Do you feel comfortable with other people cooking meals for you? 

6. Or what would I need to know or do to make you feel comfortable with me cooking?

Pro tip: cross-contamination (or more accurately, cross-contact) is likely going to be mentioned!

7. Are you OK with me bringing gluten into your home?

What do people with #celiacdisease really want to be asked? Here are 11 questions people with #celiac appreciate hearing! #glutenfree #chronicillness

8. Do you still want to be invited to food-related events that won't have GF options?

9. Do you like when people try to accommodate your diet, or do your prefer to bring your own food?

Remember - everyone with celiac disease is different and has their own unique preferences and comfort levels!

10. What comments make you feel self-conscious or frustrated about your diet?

11. What is something you wish more people knew about celiac disease?

Asking Questions and Celiac Disease: The Bottom Line

You may have guessed by these questions, but the biggest rule of thumb when talking to anyone about their dietary needs or chronic illness is to be respectful and empathetic. As long as you're asking questions from a place of genuine caring and interest, we're probably not going to be offended. 

What do people with #celiacdisease really want to be asked? Here are 11 questions people with #celiac appreciate hearing! #glutenfree #chronicillness

In fact, we'll appreciate that you're going the extra mile to learn more about how you can help us feel our best with celiac disease!

Let me know in the comments - if you have celiac disease (or any chronic illness), what are other questions you actually enjoy being asked?


  1. I wish more people knew that CD is the only disease that has ONLY diet as a treatment. And that the diet is the treatment. So yes, I have to cook for myself, bring my own food, and yes if it's a group gathering, I'll bring enough to share, but my portion will be separate. I also wish people knew that GF food is delicious. Why wouldn't it be? Shelf stable foods aren't delicious even with gluten. So don't judge it by the cookies. Let me bake you cookies before you disparage my food.

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