GF in Disney World: Babycakes Bakery at Downtown Disney

I must admit it: I have been ranting about Babycakes for days. Since my diagnosis in May, I've only had one experience with a gluten free bakery on my high school graduation night, and I've been drooling for a repeat ever since. When I heard about the amazing allergen-focused bakery in Downtown Disney, then, you can probably imagine my excitement. Then multiply that image by 10

This box holds magic inside!
My sister saw the Babycakes sign first, which shares a building with Pollo Campero and Bodie's next to LegoWorld. When we first walked in, the choices overwhelmed us. Although not large in size, Babycakes packs a punch with two wide displays of gluten free goodies. And by goodies, I mean allergen-free donuts, cupcakes, seven-layer brownies, and breads. And if that isn't enough variety for you, many of the cupcakes have several frosting options (for my brownie cupcake, I chose chocolate frosting over vanilla, mint, and lemon). 

Just one of the two displays...
We ended up with six items after several minutes of serious deliberation: a slice of chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate chip pumpkin bread, a toastie (the bread version of a blondie), a lemon cupcake, a brownie cupcake with chocolate frosting, and a French toast cupcake. We promptly walked to a table and started feasting! I'll review each type below:

The breads: 

The toastie was our first taste of Babycakes and it couldn't have made a better first impression! I'm not usually a fan of sugar cookie-like treats, which a toastie definitely is, but after I tried a bite, I understood Mom's obsession! Like most gluten free desserts, the bread is dense, but the density is perfectly juxtaposed by the treat's moisture and fluffiness. If you want a goodie but don't feel like chocolate, this is a must-buy. Mom and I actually bought a second slice because we devoured the first before we left the store!

From the lefT: banana, pumpkin and toast
The chocolate chip banana bread and the chocolate chip pumpkin were equally delicious. Although I ate mine a day after our visit, it tasted extremely moist and fluffy, though my dad did say his pumpkin bread tasted a little dry. Both breads, though, perfectly balanced chocolate and fruit. Though the banana and pumpkin flavors were obvious, they tasted natural instead of overpowering and blended well with the chocolate. Our favorite part was the ratio of chocolate chips to bread. We tasted chocolate in every bite, but only enough to add to the fruity flavor instead of fighting with it. According to these taste buds, the banana chocolate chip is To. Die. For. 

The cupcakes:

The first cupcake to be devoured was the lemon by my sister. A proud gluten-lover, she said it tasted good for a gluten free cupcake - meaning it was denser than her wheat filled treats. From my bite, though, it was fruity heaven! The lemon was strong but not overpowering and tasted extremely fresh and natural. I also loved the cupcake's moist and spongy texture. If you want a dessert that is sweet but more refreshing than sugary, this lemon cupcake is a winner! 

Hannah approved!
The chocolate brownie cupcake and the French toast cupcake died at the same time the following night. The most disappointing part of both cupcakes was the texture. Unlike the breads, the cupcakes seem to dry up with time, so eat them quickly! In our case, though, we forced them down anyway! 

The French toast cupcake didn't taste as delicious as its name implied. While it did vaguely remind me of the breakfast delicacy, it reminded me more of brown sugar in a cup

The chocolate brownie cupcake made up for the letdown, though, and raced into my top three treatsThe base had a savory, understated chocolate flavor and the chocolate chips that bordered the frosting added a great crunch! If you are a chocoholic or even a choco-liker, you can't miss this cupcake! 

The remaining survivors...
Overall, Babycakes was an amazing treat (yet another pun) in terms of choices and taste that I can't give any lower than a 9.5/10. I can't wait for my next chance to visit and try even more of their numerous goodies! My top three recommended treats? The toastie, chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate brownie cupcake would be a crime to miss! 

Do you have a favorite GF bakery? What's your top GF treat? Comment below!


  1. Casey, you are making me hungry and super jealous of all of your yummy eats in Disney! We need to tell Urs to step up his game a bit and make us some brownie cupcakes! ;)

    Can't wait to see you SOON!

  2. Casey, you should definitely visit New York sometime—we have at least six gluten-free bakeries here, including the original Babycakes! I loved the brownies I tried at the newest addition (By the Way Bakery), and I can also highly recommend the new GF outpost of Crumbs, which focuses on cupcakes every which way (more flavors than you'd ever think possible, with fillings and mini cookies stuck on top and everything).


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