GF in Disney World: Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom

I'd read raving reviews about Flame Tree BBQ, so when we headed into Animal Kingdom on Sunday, I knew exactly where I wanted us to lunch. After looking at their times online, I also knew I wanted us to swoop in right when they opened at 11. Less crowds means increased safety for the dining celiac. 

The crowd started forming as we left!
Once we lined up, I informed a worker of our allergies and they sent the manager right out. Because of our heavier meals yesterday, both my mom and I decided on the BBQ Chicken Salad, which, the manager assured us, could easily be made gluten free by removing the tortillas and giving us balsamic vinaigrette instead of the usual dressing. I've heard amazing things about another gluten free option, the pulled pork sandwich, as well. Surprisingly, we actually received our orders a few minutes before the rest of our group's, so to say the service was quick is an understatement. 

Compared to our salads at Captain Cook's, this one won hands down on appearance. Instead of just a lettuce bowl, it was peppered throughout with mixed greens, purple cabbage, corn, beans and BBQ chicken. It tasted extremely fresh and I loved the crunch of the corn and veggies in comparison to the softness of the baked beans.

My delicious salad!
 I also loved the flavor of the chicken, which was understated enough to not overwhelm the salad but still gave the greens a bit of BBQ kick. Also, the balsamic vinaigrette meshed well with the other components.  My mom's only complaint was that there wasn't as much chicken in her salad as she expected, but I didn't have a problem and actually finished off part of her salad and all of mine. 

The rest of my family ordered the gluten-filled pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and the baked chicken/ribs combo and gave Flame Tree two thumbs up. This gluten-free girl's review? A definite 9.5/10 and a great spot in Animal Kingdom to grab a quick, different and safe bite to eat! 


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