GF in Disney World: Splitsville at Downtown Disney

Unlike some of our other eating experiences, I walked into Splitsville with a mission in mind: gluten free pizza. After we'd planned our day at Downtown Disney (passing time with Disney Quest and a Circ de Soleil show), I researched all of the numerous gluten free options the night before and decided on Splitsville, Disney's luxury bowling alley

The home of bowling and pizza!
My reasoning was simple. It was close to our other activities, had great ambiance (a classic bowling arena - raging radio included) and, most importantly, it offered the heaven that is gluten free pizza. Splitsville dominated gluten free news lately by adding sixteen new GF items to its menu, which were, to my mom's and my delight, marked "GF" on the regular menu. This may seem small, but even the allergy-friendly world of Disney rarely offers gluten free menus. 

All of the options sounded delicious and surprisingly various. From only a few glances, I saw salmon and veggies (always a fave), rice bowls, a BLT salad, buffalo wings and sushi. As I already mentioned, though, mom and I were dying for some gluten free pizza

Rice bowls, anyone?
We ordered the GF+3 pizza, which has house-made gluten free crust and a choice of three toppings (we picked pepperoni, red pepper and olives). We ate at an off-hour (around 2:45) and perhaps because of this our pizza hit the table in twenty five minutes along with the regular pepperoni pie for my dad and sister. They both looked delicious and were smoking hot

Splitville's gluten free pizza scores a strike in terms of size and toppings. Unlike most ordered pies, this  pizza was the same size as your Medium Pizza Hut buy.  Mom and I devoured all of our pizza that we could and still abandoned a few slices. The toppings also were applied rather liberally with a great ratio of red peppers, olives and pepperoni on every slice. 

Our pizza!
In terms of taste, there were definite highs and lows. The toppings made the pizza, giving the doughy texture a much-needed crunch. I also loved the sauce, even though I'm not usually a huge fan of tomatoes, because it tasted so fresh. The crust was the pizza's biggest challenge. It tasted great the first couple of slices, but once I started chewing my third piece, the doughiness and density of the crust started to weigh down my palate. Also, despite their best efforts with any seasoning, it tasted rather bland compared to the sharp freshness of the other ingredients. 

Overall, I would give Splitsville an 8/10 for its pizza, but a 9/10 for its total gluten free selection. As we waited for our pizza, we watched the food trays pass our table and everything looked absolutely delectable! So if you're in the mood for an energized, fun place to chow down on some gluten free grub, Splitsville may be the choice for you! 

Where is your favorite gluten free pizza? Comment below!


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