GF in Disney World: Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom

All this week at Disney World, I've been slowly tortured by the delicious collection of ice cream flavors offered by the cafe at our hotel. Double brownie, mint chip, Oreo, strawberry...every time my sister got a double scoop, my inner fat kid cried inside. 

All decked out for Christmas...
So, when I heard that Plaza Ice Cream Parlor offers both gluten free and dairy free options, I marked it as a "must" for our Magic Kingdom visit. Even though it was cold outside, I walked into the Plaza with a mission. 

Now, if you enter expecting 51 dairy free and gluten free flavors, you'll be disappointed. Considering I haven't had really good ice cream since May, though, my only standards required a post-meal happy tummy. In the Plaza, there are two GF and DF brands to choose from: vanilla Rice Dream or chocolate and vanilla soy-based Tofutti. To get the most variety, Mom and I chose to split a double scoop of chocolate and vanilla Tofutti. 

I scream for Ice Cream!
The employees here were some of the most informed and accommodating that I interacted with at Disney World. Even the greeter and cashier knew about the dairy and gluten options and showed me the ingredient book. They also explained how the manager would personally scoop my ice cream in the back to ensure no cross contamination

When the manager walked out with my order after about a ten to fifteen minute wait, my jaw nearly touched the floor. The servings were HUGE, especially for the relatively moderate price ($4.29 for a double scoop). Looking at my sister's tower of Cookies and Cream and Mint Chip, I was skeptical at the flavor that could exist in plain chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Boy, was I wrong! 

That's a lot of ice cream!
Compared to many of the other GF and DF ice creams I've tried, Tofutti's smooth texture amazed me. Rather than tasting sugary or processed, it won over my taste buds with its pure creaminess. Perhaps because of this, I actually preferred the vanilla over the chocolate, though I had no trouble finishing my half of the cup! 

Although my stomach did act out a little later (more because of the sugar and soy than any dairy/gluten contamination), I give Tofutti and Plaza Ice Cream Parlour a strong 9/10. The only room for improvement? More flavors for demanding clients like me! 

What's your favorite gluten free and/or dairy free treat? Do you still scream for ice cream? Comment below!


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