A Gluten Free Birthday

A birthday is supposed to be the one day when diets don't matter. The food diary is tucked under the bed, low carb and high fruit plans are tossed out the window, and everyone devours huge scoops of cake and ice cream.

Celiac disease isn't like any other diet plan, though. Sure, people could push their gluten free diet aside, but more than just their waistline will suffer. And no one wants to writhe around, glutened, during a birthday party.

That's where Pamela's Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix comes into play. Although I haven't turned eighteen yet, my parents' birthdays hit only a few months after my diagnosis. Being cheap as we are, we decided to bake our own gluten free cake. Challenge made and accepted.

We picked out Pamela's Chocolate Cake Mix at random and followed the directions to the T. By the time we put our 8 by 8 pan into the oven, though, we were already crossing our fingers. Especially when it wasn't cooked all the way through by the estimated box time. Now I know that gluten free baked goods have a tendency to do that. When baking, just check the goodie every five minutes until the finish.

Then came the icing. We looked online for gluten free recipes; scoured the Internet for the best GF brands. In the end, though, I spotted Duncan Hines Home-Style Icing at my local grocery section. It didn't scream "Gluten Free" on the front cover, but when I analyzed the ingredients, what a wonderful phrase I discovered hidden on the back!

No matter how nice it looked, though, the first tasting would be the true test. We lit the candles, sang Happy Birthday, got out some GF Vanilla Ice Cream, and cut out the first piece.

And it was...


During the baking, the cake rose to a few inches in height, creating a fluffy texture that avoided the graininess commonly found in gluten free desserts. Combined with the Dark Chocolate Fudge flavor of the icing, eaters literally drown in non-artificial chocolaty goodness. The best part, though, was the  moistness. It seriously melted in our mouths (and only got better as the days passed) both times we made it. My gluten-loving Dad and sister dubbed this cake the king of all birthday desserts, pre or post diagnosis.

One of the finished products

Birthdays can be difficult as a newly diagnosed celiac. Sometimes, though, with the right products celiac disease can be a blessing in disguise when it comes to tasty birthday treats. In my mind, Pamela's GF Chocolate Cake Mix and Duncan Hines Home-Style Chocolate Icing made a cake I'd happily down on my deathbed.

Death by GF chocolate? Bring it on!

What did you do for your first GF birthday? What's your favorite GF cake? Comment below!


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