Celebrating Cheap Gluten Free

I still remember the shock of my first gluten free shopping trip. I've helped my parents build up our kitchen from scratch after moving to a new state. I've filled three carts with food up to the ceiling. I've held a reciept that matches - or beats - my height. And yet, my first celiac shopping experience dropped my jaw lower than any of our re-stocking trips.

Fact is, eating gluten free is freaking expensive. Like, I need to live in a cave in order to afford my gluten free snacks and ingredients. Not to mention life after college - maybe I'll switch the order and survive off of gluten free ramen after being a student, rather than during.

You can imagine the excitement that hit my mom and I when we spotted packages of my favorite snacks - Think Thin Protein Bars - at our local Walmart.

My favorite Walmart Surprise!

I've already ranted about the heaven found beneath these thin, tan wrappers and Walmart even offered my three favorite flavors: Brownie Crunch (to die for - and my pocketbook has done so many times), Creamy Peanut Butter and Crunchy Peanut Butter. The price of my treats at my health store caused less angelic singing and more monetary screaming - 3 bucks a bar? Into the lips and the budgest slips!

And then we went to Walmart and these packs jumped out at us, hidden in the protein aisle. Seven dollars for a package of five. Can you say, "Score?"

As most celiacs know, living gluten free is definitely not easy in terms of money. It's not fair that we should pay triple the price as the regular public for foods that won't turn into the Hulk inside our intestines. But, life isn't fair and any time fate throws broke celiacs a bone, we better take it between both teeth.

My motto to literally not eat up all my money? Focus on naturally gluten free food (fruits, vegetables, rice, etc.) that have a naturally lower price tag. Always keep an eye out for which store has which food at the cheapest price.

And when you find a steal? Jump up in down, do a cartwheel (without hitting any pedestrians) and chow down on that baby while feeling a full wallet weigh down your hip.

What is your favorite steal? What do you think about the high prices of gluten free? Comment below!


  1. Ah! I hate how gluten free pasta is double the cost for half the amount. That's become a personal pet peeve ha.

    My favorite gluten free product is Kind Bars. I am addicted to the almond and apricot flavor even though they are like 2 bucks for one bar. Sometimes, it's worth it for the convenience!

  2. It's definitely annoying - like, dude, food already was expensive enough, alright? Haha.

    I've heard about Kind bars and haven't tried one yet - I'll add it to the list :)

  3. My favorite steal is Natures Valley Protein bars (in penaut butter!) at costco! A 18 for $12. And Food Should Taste Good - Sweet Potato Tortilla chips at WinCo (rarely) for $1.50

  4. I didn't know Nature Valley had gluten free protein bars - I'll definitely have to check it out! And I bet my gluten free mom would kill for some of those potato chips - YUM!

  5. I make minimum wage, and luckily I'm on food stamps or I wouldn't be able to afford gluten-free food and rent. My favorite gluten free steal is the new Rice Thins from Nabisco. They're the same price as ordinary crackers! I think they're around $2 a box and I stocked up just in case it was an introductory price.


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