Schar's GF Crust: A Slice of Heaven

Pizza and teenagers are like Siamese twins: inseparable without some major surgery. Teenagers (and people of any age) with celiac disease are no exception. Course, finding a great gluten free pizza can be a challenge, but when I chowed down on my mom's homemade pepperoni pie after 36 hours of medical fasting, I knew I found my slice from heaven.

My Mom and I have explored multiple pizza crust options, including packets freshly made in my local farmer's market. All of them, besides my new favorite brand, Schar, suffered the same problems. Flat, cardboard-like texture. About as much taste as plain toothpaste. And, while edible, nothing I would dream of and wake up drooling. 

My pizza heaven

Schar's product is different. Coming in packages of two, the pizzas themselves are pretty small but filling. I usually eat half a pizza per serving, and it definitely squashes my cravings. Personally, I like to top mine with gluten free pre-made sauce, turkey pepperoni, and Mozzarella cheese and it tastes just as good as Pizza Hut

The crust is the key. Compared to the competition, Schar's is relatively tall and surprisingly fluffy. Even better, the outside edges give a satisfying crunch with every bite. I forgot about this winning combo of light and flaky when our store ran dry of Schar products for a few weeks, but tonight's feast left a permanent "scar" on my taste buds

One for Mom, one for me!

Because of my stomach's magically slow healing powers, recently the road's been a little rocky (and not the ice cream type). Days of liquid diets or fasting, awful medications, and more intestinal testing isn't my ideal end of a summer vacation. So eating out (some) of my feelings with Schar's finger-lickin' pizza crust? Pretty freaking sweet

What is your favorite gluten free pizza crust? Which toppings do you pile on? Comment below!  


  1. I'm a big fan of the socca pizza crust. It's just chickpea flour, water, salt, and a bit of oil, and it can be thick/chewy or crispy/crackery, depending on the proportions, size of pan, how you bake it—but it's not finicky at all; it tastes good almost no matter what you do. I recommend it (although I don't think it ever really gets "fluffy," so if that's your preference you might not like it as much...OR you might want to think of socca just as itself rather than as a pizza crust substitute).

  2. Hmmm....sounds delicious! I'll definitely have to try it out. And I love non-finicky foods, that's for sure! I try to cook, but I'm definitely no chef. Thanks for the recommendation! :D


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