JK Gourmet Granola and GG Bites Review

Anyone who has read my Sweat Leaf stevia review or drooled over a few of my Instagram posts knows granola is the edible version of my one true love. Ice cream, salmon, sunflower butter...they all pale in comparison to a pan of freshly cooked gluten free granola.

Or freshly packaged. Addiction alert. 

Love at first sight bite?
When JK Gourmet contacted me about reviewing their new line of grain free snacks - including granola and GG bites - I couldn't type "yes" fast enough. (I blame the drool on my keyboard.) 

For those who don't know (like me two weeks ago!) Grain Free JK Gourmet is home to a line of grain free flours, mixes and snacks. Most recently they released seven mouth-watering flavors of GG bites: cracker-like snacks made of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, honey and coconut nectar.

Getting jiggy with the JK products!
Their granola includes similarly delectable ingredients (with even more nuts and seeds), and both products boast a "gluten free, grain free, dairy free, paleo friendly,  kosher, no added fats, refined sugars, or preservatives" labels. Talk about a mouthful - food pun totally intended. 

I received the cranberry GG bites and Apple spice granola and (right after my impromptu photo shoot) immediately dug in

The GG bites are unlike anything I've tasted before. Crisper than a granola bar, but thicker than a cracker, simply put they are a thin layer of granola deliciously glued together for crunchy snacking! I love how the crunch of the seeds complemented the chewy cranberries. As for the sweet factor, it was deliciously understated. Sweet enough to top my banana ice cream (the perfect blend of creamy and crunchy!) but with enough nutrition to serve as a pre-class snack. 

Perfect nana ice cream topper!
My roommate - a huge health foodie - fell for the GG bites even harder than I did. Her review? Eyes directed to heaven, a huge grin, and an exaggerated "Mmm..." I ended up giving her the remaining 3/4th of the bag as a roomie's true sign of love - and, perhaps, as a maneuver to protect my (as expected) beloved granola! 

Out of all my granola adventures, JK's sticks out with its expert spicing - hints of nutmeg and cinnamon that teased but didn't dominate my tastebuds - and complex consistency. It's seed and nut variety - ranging from sesame to walnuts - gives the granola a lovely mix of small and large chunks. And the bites of dried raisin and apple? Talk about chewy heaven! Especially when they stick to some seeds, forming crunchy clusters

You could say I kinda like the granola...
I also loved that I could sprinkle it on my oatless oatmeal and banana ice cream - or eat it straight out of the bag with a scoop of sunbutter - without a hint of guilt. Twelve grams of healthy fat, four of protein, and only six of sugar? Sign (or fill) me up! 

From this college celiac, JK Gourmet's GG bites and granola earned a strong 9/10. The only thing that would make them better? A few more clusters in the granola, and GG bite flavor options with slightly altered base ingredients (such as one with no sesame seeds, which I do try to limit thanks to food sensitivity testing).

I <3 JK Gourmet!
Overall, though? Thanks to JK Gourmet, my granola addiction is alive and thriving, and my roomie has discovered her new favorite snack! And the half-empty bags of goodies we have left aren't going to last long...

*Also found at Running with Spoon's link party!*

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

Have you ever tried any of JK Gourmet's products? What's your favorite kind of granola? Comment below! 


  1. I love their granola! My favourite at the moment is black cherry, but I also love the cranberry cashew. I would kill to try the GG bites, but I'm SCD, and my system still reacts way too violently to coconut nectar for me to risk it. So I sit and pine from afar.

    1. What a bummer! I can definitely relate to the "it looks so delicious but it would kill me!" mindset. Glad you love the granola though!

  2. This granola looks amazing! loved your review of it! :)


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