All da Food Friday

Goofy. Type-A. Daughter. Sister. Girlfriend. Casey. There are lots of names for the celiac attached to these typing fingers, but naming my food isn't as easy. And, in my mind, it shouldn't be. 

Now, in the food/health blogging realm, there's a magical day known as "What I Ate Wednesday's" where the Internet nearly explodes from the amount of foodie snaps. (If a shot of a salad dinner in the sunset really does trigger the computer apocalypse, you heard it from here first.)

Let the WIAW apocolpyse begin! (Source)
And while I admit to licking my screen a couple times each week, I've never participated. One because, that's what my Instagram and all of its glory is for! And two? Unlike some other bloggers', my eats (like my personality) don't fit in just any ol' box. But this Friday, I decided to share a peak of what my unlimited (besides, you know, foods that'll kill me) diet looks like! 

First label that gets thrown out a lot on my Instagram? Vegan. And for breakfast, I admit that's my jam (the hashtags I use are consistent proof of that!) Some people go raw till 4 - I go vegan till noon. The fact is, my stomach and skin don't dig dairy, or eggs. And with delicious options like banana ice cream and oatless oatmeal, who needs 'em? 

No dairy and eggs, no problem!
Often I'll also get the question: "Do you eat all that?!?? 😱😋." Excited punctuation and emojis included. Just try and stop me! I'll admit that dropping from 106 to 88 lb plateau last year and then, within a few months, popping back up to over 100 lbs hasn't been easy. Can you blame me if my bedroom mirror leaves me a little confused? But I love feeling strong again. I love filling out my jeans - and winning back my abs! So yep, that big jar's all for me

And then there's paleo. For the most part, this is the diet I follow the closest when it comes to lunch and dinner. All whole foods? Check. No dairy or gluten? Double duh! And, although I'm not a huge fan of red meat, unless there's a hunk of fish, chicken or turkey in my bowl, my meal is typically missin' something! 

Paleo? Ish?
But, I also don't believe in setting unnecessary to-the-death limits. If I feel like some chips from Chipotle? Down they go! And white potatoes? They taste just as delicious as yams in my book! I'll always advocate eating what makes you feel the best - but that isn't the same for anyone. You may love chowin' down like a caveman - but I know my tummy has evolved to craving a slice of gluten free pizza slathered in pesto and veggies! 

And Whole 30? Sugar free? While I certainly chow down on more veggies than gluten free hot pockets, for snacks, you'll often see me grab a rice cake dripping with sunflower butter, naner, and berries to power through the day. As for sugar - like most people, I watch my intake. Unlike most people, I get mine mainly from fruits (can you say dates?), stevia and - every so often - the cane sugar or rice syrup found in my favorite dairy free chocolate chunks, Coconut bliss ice cream or puffed rice cereal. And granola? Nobody's keeping me away from that!

Gimme a little sugar!
Sure, this Christmas, the overflowing counters of cookies and cake tipped the scale (figurately and literally) towards more sugar than usual. But, while the aforementioned detoxes intrigue me, for now moderation is better suited to my taste buds than well-meaning deprivation. I'll label some odd Instagram meal sugar free - when chowing down on salmon, veggies and avocado that's pretty easy - but this celiac's sweet tooth (and processed treats) are alive and kicking

As a person, it's only logical to apply several adjectives to fully describe my personality. Sometimes I'm a goof ball. Sometimes I'm a goody two shoes. I think my food choices - the ones that nourish my body, mind and spirit - deserve the same categorical flexibility. Seconds, anyone? 

*Raises hand* ME!
Do you "name" your diet anything in particular? What do you think of "What-I-Ate-Wednesday?" 

And, perhaps most importantly, what are you craving me to blog about next? 

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