Apple Cider Vinegar: Tips and Tricks

Most people have at least one trait continually under construction. Maybe exercising thirty minutes a day or spending more time with friends and family. For this college celiac, my "Work in Progress" sign usually hangs over my stomach. Truth is, I'm always looking for more ways to help my tummy find its happy place.

My most recent secret weapon? Raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. (Insert dramatic music here).

Me and my new best bud!
I'll admit, apple cider vinegar and I were never best buds. Even when my nausea haunted my stomach for a year after my diagnosis and my dad suggested some good old ACV shots, I could never handle the taste. And then I read about its positive effects on tummy health. And I figured, why not give it a (diluted) shot?

Not only has research shown that ACV can aid digestion, but also improve the stomach's balance of good and bad bacteria, help heartburn and constipation, regulate blood sugar, and detoxify the body. The biggest draw for me? The fact that apple cider vinegar is thought to reduce bloating in individuals with troublesome tummies.

A few of the possible positive effects!
I'll admit that, for the first few weeks after ACV and I went steady, nothing happened. But a few months later, I began waking up and realizing I wasn't nearly as bloated as before. And the aftertaste I used to hate turned into something I barely noticed. Now, I'm not a doctor and can't promise any amazing ACV effects - but, by my experience, adding it to a balanced diet certainly can't hurt!

As for how to sneak apple cider vinegar into your meal plan, I've definitely become a ninja at that! I begin every day with a mug of water, warming it up in the microwave for one minute before adding the juice of half a lemon and a hearty pour of ACV. At the beginning, I only added half a tablespoon or so of the vinegar, but now I just eyeball a decent amount. If the taste it still too strong, you could also add a little honey or agave nectar to the mix!

Maybe even from a cool Scooby Doo mug?
The same lemon/ACV combo also acts as my go-to salad dressing. I'll usually dine on a small side salad (finished off with a squeeze of lemon and swig of ACV) with all of my dinners. If I'm devouring a casserole/mixed greens combo instead, ACV will still end up sprinkled on top. When I'm feeling a bit fancy, I'll also throw together a green sauce using coconut milk, ACV, spinach and spices as the base

Don't limit yourself to savory dishes, however! As some of my readers might have noticed, I even throw apple cider vinegar into my homemade granola. When I need a wetter batter and want to pack in some more nutrients, I grab ACV over water or fruit juice.

Just a few of the ways I eat ACV!
What works to build up one person's body may be useless to another - and the fact is, I'll always be a work under construction, whether it's my mind, my stomach or my lifestyle

Nonetheless, months after inserting apple cider vinegar into my routine, I'm happy that I did. And my stomach is even happier. I'm usually willing to try anything (non-fatal or gluten related) at least once. And I hope a few of my readers will do the same!

Bottoms (or forks) up!

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Do you have any secret weapons for a happy belly? Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar for digestion? Comment blow! 


  1. I use it in recipes, but don't think I'd ever get on the drinking it train :P

    1. It definitely took me a whilte to get used to it! That's for sure!

  2. I actually drink it 3x a day, and attest a lot of my stomach healing to it, for real ;)

    1. Really? When and how do you drink it! Always looking for tips! ;)


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