Creamy Radish Greens Sauce

Every once in a while, as a foodie, I like to throw something in my shopping cart I have no idea what to do with. Beets. Parsnips. And, a few weeks ago, radishes. The radishes themselves I figured out how to roast pretty simply. And the greens? Well, that's where my blender came in.

My new best friends?
And, after a few minutes of blending and only four other ingredients, a finger-lickin' sauce came out. This baby is creamy. Tangy. And, with a bright green color, perfect for some Instagram action. Plus, this recipe serves as an excellent base for all sorts of kitchen creativity, as well as being free of gluten, dairy, and most other allergies.

To start, gather up your arsenal (aka a few simple ingredients and a blender - I've used both my parent's Nutribullet and my Vitamix successfully).


1 bunch of radish greens (could substitute spinach, kale, or any other greens on hand)
3 TBSP coconut milk (or other dairy/dairy free alternative)
1 TBSP apple cider vinegar
1 TBSP water
Hearty dose of spices of choice (I went with oregano and fresh thyme)

All the puns (as usual)
Now, this recipe is made for those challenged in the kitchen because all it takes is throwing it into a blender and watching it go from rough leafs to a thick dressing ready for the tasting! As mentioned above, this dressing can also be used as inspiration for further tweaking. Want something even creamier? Add avocado. Thicker? Try out some ground chia seeds. I've even thrown in some diced zucchini for some more hidden veggie action. Really, the options are endless!

The same can be said about how to use the sauce. I tend to use it as a makeshift dip, dunking my butterflied broiled potatoes, roasted veggies or quesadillas. It also holds its own on a pizza crust or a salad dressing.

Just a few of my favorite ways to eat saucy!
My favorite use? Adding the sauce to sauteed veggies, either to be served with a potato and meat for dinner, added to a stir fry or stuffed in a zucchini. It's my secret weapon to adding a kick of extra flavor to veggie-packed dinners. Not to mention nutrients, thanks to the radish greens' Vitamin C, calcium, and protein from the radish greens, coconut milk's healthy fats, and apple cider vinegar's digestive benefits.

As a gluten free college celiac (aka a chick with food and budget limitations), trying out new foods can be a difficult goal. When I get the chance to toss something new in my menu, though, I can't resist - especially when it turns into a saucy success.

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Do you try to experiment with new recipe ingredients often? What's your favorite dipping sauce? Comment below!


  1. YES! This is what I'm about! Use every part of that veggie!

    1. For sure! Just tossed in some broccoli stalk into my homemade enchiladas. :D


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