Butterfly Broiled Potato

I've never understood fads. I'll wear what I like and move in the way that satisfies my body and mind. Paying attention to what everyone else is loving? Not one of my strong suits.

My taste buds are another story, though. Last year, they were all about the sweet potatoes and avocado (perhaps because I had just tried them for the first time!) Then came the buckwheat. And now, my tongue is poppin' out for potatoes. The small, red or white kind in particular. 

Apple Potato of my eye?
Especially when butterflied and broiled. 

Why? Just picture a soft potato sliced in half and smashed on a baking tray. And after a trip to the broiler, fluffy in the middle but crunchy and toasted around the edges with a smokey flavor. Now can you understand the butterflies in my stomach every time before digging in? 

The best part of this recipe, as usual, is its versatility and allergy-friendly nature. Paleo, vegan, and low fodmap. Packed with iron, Vitamin C, starch and fiber. Plus a huge hit of flavor! 

A mug of delicious!
To get your own butterflies going, gather up a few simple ingredients:

Serves 1:

1 red or white potato (could be substituted for any kind of other potato, but bigger varieties may have to be cut up in fourths vs halves before being smashed on the baking tray!) 

Desired seasoning (I usually sprinkle on some thyme and oregano) 

Optional toppings and sides (cheese, avocado, pesto, veggies, meat, mixed greens, etc) 

Talk about the shortest shopping list ever! To begin, turn on your oven's broiler to warm it as you prepare your potato. You want your potato mostly cooked pre-broiler through whatever method you prefer. Though I've boiled the potatoes on the stove top before, I usually throw mine in the microwave until it's soft to the touch and easily pierced with a fork (usually 2-3 minutes).  

Quick and easy...
Once the potato is cooked, start the smashing! On a baking tray (optionally covered in baking foil), cut the potato in half (stopping before the sides are totally severed for the butterflied look) before smashing it, skin up, with a fork. You don't want it totally flattened, but relatively level

Then, pop that potato in the oven on the top tray. The broiling time will differ depending on the oven's power and desired level of toasting, but I usually let mine cook for around 5-7 minutes (peeking in at it the whole time). 

Butterfly in its natural habitat!
After the edges and skin look brown and crispy, pull out the tray and flip the butterflied potato so the soft side is up. Sprinkle on your spices (and optional toppings like cheese) and put it back in the oven for another couple minutes. Be sure to watch it closely so that it doesn't burn (or only burns how you like it!) 

Now that your browned butterfly is complete, it's eating time! I usually pull it apart with my fingers so I can get equally fluffy and crunchy bites. What to pair it with? When I'm feeling like a lazy dinner, I'll often sauté up some zoodles and other veggies, add a protein (leftover meat, beans, etc), and a little daiya cheese and my seed-stuffed pesto. (Bonus points if you do this while the potato broils!) The soft veggies and crunchy potato taste like heaven when eaten together in a bowl with mixed greens! (See my Rainbow Bowl recipe for more ideas!)

A few of my favorite potato feasts...
These potatoes also make great pre or post workout snacks. For a light lunch, I usually munch on one of these with broiled veggies, mixed greens and some avocado for dipping. Creamy + crunchy = Casey's bliss

My taste buds have gone through a lot of food fads, obsessing over one flavor or ingredient before drooling over another.  Nonetheless, I've been eating a butterflied broiled potato at least once every two days for a few weeks now, and have yet to get bored

The life of a food blogger...potato selfies?
Maybe this isn't a fad, but a favorite instead! 

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What's your favorite way to eat potatoes? Do you often go through food fads? Comment below! 


  1. I could eat potatoes everyday..and almost do. I crave them and I listen to those cravings ;)

    1. AMEN sista! To the cravings and the potato overload ;)


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