Review: Rawxies Heart Bars and Crunch

One of the hardest parts about eating a healthy gluten free diet? When food manufacturers take out the gluten, they often add something else: most commonly, sugar. So when I learned that Rawxies created a snack bar that is gluten free, non-GMO and vegan while keeping the ingredients simple and natural, I was intrigued. 

And after my first bite, I was hooked. Just picture: a healthy cookie that's soft, yet not so soft that it falls apart (as gluten free snacks are prone to do). Sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving, but not overwhelmingly so. Not to mention boasting a chewy, dense consistency reminiscent of thick brownie or banana bread

casey the college celiac
Their cute business card!
One of Rawxies slogans is, "Eat your <3 out!" Their healthy ingredients ensure that you can do that without a hint of guilt. Callie England first created the heart bars to create a middle-man (errr, middle bar) between snacks and dessert. Besides being allergy-friendly, the bars are dehydrated in order to "preserve natural digestive enzymes." 

So what are the bars made of? Their ingredients include goodies like gluten free oat flour (which I've found I can tolerate in moderation), seeds and nuts, organic cacao and dates. As for the flavors, my taste buds have fallen in love with the chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate brownie (my favorite flavor, hands-down!). Other options include banana nut bread, lemon poppy seed, mint chocolate chip and cranberry pecan. 

casey the college celiac
Some of my favorite uses...

Don't just think of Rawxies as a snack food either. Besides eating the bars straight, I also enjoyed crumbling them over my smoothie bowls, making a chewy yogurt parfait as a night snack or even adding them to my homemade granola. Sky (or stomach) is the limit! 

For savory food lovers, Rawxies also has an option for you: their Crunch products, which resemble a savory granola and come in Smoked Paprika, Curry Chipotle or Chili Lime. Besides being gluten free and vegan, the crunch is also grain and sugar free. Paleo and vegan folks missing granola? Here's the crunch factor you need!

casey the college celiac
All of the goodies!

I got to try the Smoked Paprika flavor, though I only tasted a few bites because it does contain sesame and flax (two ingredients I show a slight intolerance of). My sister, however, was more than happy to be my stand-in taste buds! Her favorite parts were definitely the crunch and the paprika, which had a kick without being too spicy. She did think that the lemon tasted a little overpowering, but I think it would add a hit of freshness to a salad,

Besides crunching straight out of the bag, you can also sprinkle the mix on salads, hummus or even as the finishing crunch on a rice cake or toast with mashed avocado! 

casey the college celiac
The ultimate crunch factor!
Overall, I'd give Rawxies a strong 9/10. My only changes would be adding some bigger chocolate chunks to the bars (to break up the smooth, well ground consistency) and experimenting with a sweet version of their Crunch - because sweet grain free granola is calling my name

Nonetheless, Rawxies proves that being celiac or allergy friendly doesn't require adding unhealthy ingredients. In fact, if you want a healthy snack that tastes like dessert or packs a savory crunch, prepare to fall in love with Rawxies. 

casey the college celiac
I'm a fan of the button they sent too! :P
I know I did! 

*I received these products without charge to review, but my opinions are all my own!*

What do you look for in a snack bar? Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks? Comment below! 


  1. O my word...smoked paprika...and curry...I think I just died :O <3

    1. I do believe this would be your definition of heaven!

  2. I just saw these somewhere else and was extremely intrigued! I would dive into the chocolate chip cookie dough heart first! ha!

    1. A very good first choice I'd say! ;) Definitely give them a try!


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