Gluten Free WIAW: Breaking - and Making - Food Rules

When was the last time you heard someone say, "I really shouldn't..." when talking about food? Or the last time you read a new "scientifically proven" diet trick to lose 10 pounds in 10 days? Regardless of whether you listen to them or not, food rules seem to be everywhere...

casey the college celiac

So I thought why not spend this What I Ate Wednesday sharing the rules that I break - and the ones I make - during an average day of eats. Warning: drool-worthy, gluten free and vegan or paleo foodporn incoming. 

1. Have breakfast an hour within waking up.

It's often said that there are two kinds of eaters: the people who skip breakfast and the ones who see sleep as a time machine to their favorite part of the day. Plenty of research has also already boasted the benefits of eating breakfast: it kick starts your metabolism, reduces sugar cravings later on in the day and improves concentration and performance.

But sometimes a girl wakes up and just. Isn't. Hungry. (As shocking as that may sound). So I tend to wait till 10 or so to dig into my favorite smoothie bowl, overnight zoats or mini pancakes...and those two or three hours of waiting hasn't killed me yet! 

casey the college celiac
For the morning tea: 1 large glass of warm water, 1/2 squeezed lemon, 1 liberal pour of AC
The rule I follow instead? Have warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar soon after waking up...and eat eventually! Not only does lemon water help detoxify your system, but Apple cider vinegar has also been shown to help with digestive issues, weight maintenance and a variety of other problems

So bottom's up! (Until the bowls of breakfast come out anyway!).

2. Don't combine fruits and veggies.

Speaking of my smoothie bowls, let's talk about another hot (nutrition) topic: food combinations. When I was struggling with bloating, acid reflux and other digestive problems, a lot of my Google searches ended up on the same (web)page: I needed to pay more attention to what foods I was eating together. 

For those who haven't scoured this side of the Internet, food combining particularly frowns upon eating fruit with anything else, including veggies...which would make my zucchini smoothie bowls off limits. As my Instagram followers have noticed, though, that certainly hasn't been the case! 

casey the college celiac
Usual creamy zucchini bread smoothie bowl + berries + granola + sunbutter
Instead of obsessing over which foods to pair together, I've focused on learning what fruits and veggies agree with me on the first place. One dietary "rule" that I do mainly stick to is eating low fodmap; while I don't avoid all ingredients on the "high" list, I am aware of how much I eat in one day. As long as I stick to low fodmap fruits like berries and banana in my smoothies, I have a happy belly; the one time I tried adding mango, "food baby" was a definite understatement

The bottom line? Don't give up the foods you love based on research for what works for some people. Find what works for you - and enjoy eating it!

3. Stop before you're totally full.

Compared to some food rules, this one isn't totally full of BS (you really didn't think I could resist a pun, right?). It makes sense that not every meal should be a feast, and that you want to walk away from the dinner table instead of waddle

However, I've found that this rule comes with plenty of exceptions, such as when: 

- You're not sure that you're eating enough for your energy levels
- You've lost touch with your hunger cues
- You want to gain weight
- You have a history of disordered eating

casey the college celiac
Purple sweet potato stuffed with chickpeas, roasted veggies and avocado + side salad
Now, this rule is likely intended to prevent people from over-eating...but if you're eating too little in the first place, stopping before you're full won't help. Personally, I can also have days where I don't feel a lot of hunger cues, but I force myself to eat anyway. When you're not sure if you're hungry, knowing when you're 90% full is pretty impossible too. 

Whether you follow this rule or not is up to your eating habits, weight goals and personal preferences. Just know that you don't have to follow it; some days, you know you need to carb up for a race the next day or those cookies taste too good to put down. That's OK - and often freakin' delicious.

4. Don't eat after *insert random time of day here*.

I can't count the amount of times either I or someone near me has said, "I'm hungry, but I really shouldn't eat so late." In fact, I used to rarely have a night snack. Now, I rarely go to bed without one. 

It's true that eating a midnight snack might make you less hungry for an early breakfast the next day. It's also true that, if you find that eating late doesn't sit well on your stomach, you shouldn't do it! However, research has shown that, in terms of your weight, the amount of calories you eat overall matters more than when you eat them. Not only that, but carb-heavy snacks like cereal or bananas can also give you a better night's sleep.

casey the college celiac
So Delicious unsweetened vanilla yogurt + fruit + granola + Enjoy Life brownie + cashew butta

Nowadays, I don't cut myself off a particular time; instead, I consider how hungry I am and when my next meal will likely be. And, more nights than not, those questions lead me to a bowl of So Delicious coconut yogurt with plenty of fruit, cereal, nut butter and granola. Going to bed has - literally - never tasted so sweet

In today's society, food rules seem as common as food itself. Sometimes, though, you need to throw out the rule book and just eat - and see what "rules" you find work for you instead. 

Your What I Ate Wednesday's will be much tastier when you do! 

What food rule do you break? What food rule have you made? And what have you been eating lately? Tell me below! 


  1. I eat really late (think dinner at 11/11.30pm and before-bed snack at 3-4am) so I'd hate to hear what the food police think of me!

    1. Hahaha so true! It's amazing how different schedules work for different people!

  2. Yes to everything you wrote. I'm follow a lot of the 'rules/guidelines' that you do. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat. And I don't like the rule or suggestion of eating every few hours. I'm more of a three square meals and maybe a snack everyday. :)

  3. these are some great tips, some rules I've never even heard before! I particularly liked the bit about not eating till you're completely full because you included those who wanted to gain weight and those who suffer from eating disorders in the conversation as well. bravo!


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