When Blogging is the Lowest Priority on Your List

This weekend, I went for one of the most memorable walks of my life: across a stage decorated in green and gold to receive my college diploma.

When I flew out to San Diego last Thursday, I was a college student, a friend, a blogger, Senior Editor to Entity Magazine and too many other descriptors to count. As I'm sitting in the Denver airport and typing this into my phone, I can add "Summa Cum Laude Point Loma Nazarene University graduate" to the list.

casey the college celiac

It was one of the craziest weekends I've ever had. Our flight out of Colorado Springs was delayed twice and three passengers were kicked off because our small plane was over the weight limit. Then the stewardess started putting luggage into the empty seats to redistribute weight - which was super reassuring, I might add, as a passenger - and, after we finally got ready for lift off, we learned that too much fuel had been added to the plane, so we needed to taxi for five minutes to burn it off. We were biting our nails until we speed-walked to our second flight with fifteen minutes to spare - but we made it to San Diego.

We even survived getting a rental car, reaching our rented condo (which, let me just say, was worthy of a blog post on its own...)  and climbing into bed. The next day, I spent twelve straight hours at my old college campus, visiting friends and teachers. And, on Saturday - which boasted beautiful San Diego weather despite days of endless rain before - I rocked my black gown, stepped across the stage (praying not to trip the entire time) and received the piece of paper I've been working toward for three and a half years. (And blogging about it just as long - like my first blog post about it!)

casey the college celiac
Freshman year vs. graduation senior year!
And, for once, I embraced the moment. I put the blog and food and work and social media on hold - and I just lived. Will I have a hectic catch-up week ahead? Of course. Will the time I spent lazing in my roomies' beds, hammocking over the ocean or listening to the rain fall on the car roof as we talked in the back seat for an hour be worth it? Absolutely!

The truth is, we all have constant to-do lists tattooed on our minds. Buy (dairy free) milk. Fold the laundry. Finally answer that email. Have dinner with the family. Go for a run.

And while checking off every box may be important regularly, sometimes our priorities need to shift. This weekend, I didn't get much sleep or my usual dose of water and veggies. But I got more than my daily quota of hugs, devoured the best gluten free salmon burger in my young life (thank you Stacked!) and celebrated three years of hard work while being surrounded by friends and family.

casey the college celiac stacked
The BEST burger I've had in ages!!!
Right now, I'm feeling a lot of mixed emotions (at least underneath the jet lag and exhaustion). I don't feel different since walking across that stage - but I don't feel the same either.

What I do know? Graduation was a bittersweet conclusion to this chapter of my life. It meant saying goodbye to the friends I've come to love as family and the campus that acted as my home for seven semesters. But it also meant embracing new adventures - like my first full-time job, grad school and more - heading my way.

And, for now, thinking of those treasured memories is more important than writing The blog post that will go viral or has the most shareable content. Because, sometimes, living is a higher priority than writing about my life online. In fact, sometimes I blog because I have something I need to say instead of something that others need to hear.

A few snap shots!
This blog post, I suppose, is a little of both. It's my own virtual pat on the back, but it's also more than that. It's my written hope that, the next time a celebration or adventure heads your way, you don't hesitate to throw your regular to-do list to the side and decide what really matters right now.

Your life shouldn't - and probably isn't - exactly the same every day. Your priorities enjoy the same freedom.

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Have you celebrated anything recently or gone on an adventure? How do you approach shifting priorities? Comment below!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Casey!!! This is a huge moment and deserves every bit of self recognition, self love and celebration that you are feeling. And yes absolutely 100% - REAL life is about living in the moment, giving up our usual "to dos" and "expectations," and just breathing through what life is giving us in the moment. To me it always feels scary before hand, but in the moment... oh my gosh.... its the BEST feeling in the world. So glad you gave yourself this peace of mind this weekend. <3

    1. Thank you so much for the congrats, Cora! It's always hard to balance blogging and real life...but graduation was definitely a "live in the moment" kind of day!

  2. Congratulations on finishing and finishing WELL!

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like you made the right choice in your priorities! Blessings, Janet

  4. Belated congratulations! Summa Cum Laude: impressive. Especially so given all your celiac trials and tribulations. And in three and a half years, yet. Wow!


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