7 Unique Nut Butters That Put Peanut Butter to Shame

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Well, not really. That holiday actually snuck by in the middle of last week - the same time that I was crazy busy with work. But, like they (whoever "they" is) always say, "Better late than never."

And when it comes to nut butters, there's never a bad time to eat them. So, even though National Peanut Butter Day has passed, I still  wanted to celebrate everything nut butter - besides peanuts, that is. 

You see, while I like peanut butter, it doesn't like me back (stomach and skin wise). So, for the last handful of years, I've been exploring the more exotic side of the nut butter aisle. Whether you have a peanut allergy, don't like the taste or simply want to share up your PB&J sandwiches, here are seven of my favorite (non-sponsored - though I wouldn't turn down any company love!) nut butters that are peanut free...but packed with flavor!

casey the college celiac

* Since I don't have a peanut allergy, I do not research whether these nut butters are produced in a peanut-free facility. If you have a serious reaction to peanuts, read and research these products before eating! * 

1. Eat your favorite baked good in nut butter form with Sweet Spreads Coconutter, Cinnamon Roll flavor. 

Some of these nut butters are good for your heart...and some are better for your soul. Now, Coconutter isn't the healthiest of nut butters, but it does offer some amazingly unique and delicious flavors (ranging from Chocolate Brownie to Maple Pancake). I actually ordered this nut butter on a whim (oh, the power that Amazon gift cards give you!) and wasn't disappointed with its punch of cinnamon flavor. 

This is definitely a sweeter nut butter than I'm used to, but it's great in small doses. Perhaps my favorite part is that, because of its high concentration of coconut oil, this but butter melts over oatless oatmeal and freezes over smoothie bowls (talk about one easy magic shell!). If you're looking for a nut butter that is out of the box and a bit decadent, you'll go nuts for Coconutter. 

casey the college celiac coconutter cinnamon roll
Photo via Amazon

2. Sink into sinfully delicious Sunbutter

I first discovered the gloriousness that is Sunbutter a few years ago in my local Sprouts - and now I eat some at least once a day. Although some call sunflower butter an acquired taste, I like it better than peanut butter. I prefer their no-sugar flavor since it tastes just as delicious to me as the regular kind. 

However, I've recently become addicted to the crunchy version. There's just something about that mix of creamy butter and crunchy pieces of sunflower seeds that does it for me! If you need a new "staple" nut butter that will replace peanut butter without breaking the bank, Sunbutter is my personal favorite. 

casey the college celiac
Allll the sunbutter!
3. Be blown away by the healthy ingredients in Kalot Superfood's White Chocolate Strawberry Cashew Butter

I've always drooled over Kalot Superfood's fruit-infused almond butters...but since I have an almond intolerance (which is why none are on this list!), I always grudgingly put the jars back on the shelf. So when I saw that Kalot Superfood introduced similar flavors in cashew butter, I was immediately sold. I've tried the chocolate flavor too, but - to my complete surprise - the white chocolate is impossible to beat. 

One of my favorite parts is the small chunks of dates mixed into the nut butter. This adds an addictive chewy contrast to the rest of the nut butter's thick, creamy texture. I also love that this tastes like dessert but its ingredient list is super healthy: all it contains is cashews, dates, coconut oil, unsweetened cacao butter chips, strawberries, chia seeds, vanilla extract and sea salt. 

casey the college celiac kalot superfood
Photo via Amazon
I honestly don't understand how Kalot made a nut butter with only 5 grams of sugar taste like chocolate...without chocolate on the ingredient list...but I'm A-OK with it! 

4. Celebrate local Texan flavors with Frankie V Kitchen's Chocolate Cashew Butter. 

When I visit different states, scoping out their local (gluten free) products is a must...and when I saw this jar at the Randall's close to my Grandma's house in Houston, I couldn't resist! This nut butter is as close to "fresh" as you can find: not only is it gluten free, but it's also organic and free of preservatives. Eating it before it went bad was no problem for me, of course! 

Because of its Texan twist of using brown sugar in the place of more typical sweeteners, this spread is a little sweeter than I'm used to. It also tastes a bit grainy, but I enjoyed tasting the texture of ground cashews in every bite. If you're looking for a healthier Nutella (and you live near Texas), this nut butter is a well-deserved splurge

casey the college celiac
Some good old Texan flavor!

5. Fall in love with Omega Nutrition's Pumpkin Seed Butter

Sure, you've probably tasted the sweet, orangish spread made from pumpkin purée in the fall. However; this pumpkin seed butter is all nut butter. I ordered a huge (20 ounce) jar of the stuff from Amazon two Christmases ago, and I savored it for months

Compared to other nut butters, this one looks a little green - but I promise, its flavors make up for the odd presentation! The best way to describe the taste would be "earthy." If you want a hearty, unique nut butter that's actually free of nuts, pumpkin seed butter is a delicious option. 

casey the college celiac
Photo via Amazon
6. Make a delicious decision with Anna's Choice Cashew and Macadamia Butter

Okay, I'll admit it: this is the creamiest, drippiest nut butter I've ever tasted. If you're addicted to being able to dunk your spoon in the jar and drizzling nut butter over your smoothie bowl, Anna's Choice is the holy grail of nut butters. 

The only ingredients in this jar are macadamia nuts, cashews and coconut sugar. While I wouldn't say the macadamia nuts offer a distinct flavor, I do love the roasted aftertaste Anna's Choice offers. This is also a lower glycemic spread for those who need it. For those who don't? It's just flippin' delicious - especially when used as a sauce on oatmeal, pancakes or smoothies

casey the college celiac
The drippiest of dreams...
7. Take a bite out of Binnie's Chocolate Coconut Butter.

Sometimes, a girl just needs a big dose of chocolate in the morning. When you get a dose of healthy fats from the coconut butter, that's just a bonus. Binnie's butter is not only gluten free, but also paleo, vegan, non-GMO, organic and raw. I found it in a local paleo store near by parents' new home in Colorado Springs, and it was one of the secret weapons that helped me survive my last semester of college.

This coconut butter doesn't have the same, thick texture of other nut butters. Once you warm it up in the microwave (since it turns brick hard in the Colorado cold!), it is soft to the touch and may even fall apart on your spoon. But the flavor is 100% there - and it's perfect for people who want a hit of chocolate while sticking to a lower processed or paleo diet.

casey the college celiac
My kind of chocolate...

The truth is, we've all probably said, "Better late than never" sometime recently. We've probably even said it when we finally try a new product or a new recipe for dinner. It's easy to stick to our known "safe" foods - whether you eat a restricted diet for a medical reason or as a personal lifestyle choice. 

However, your diet is only as restrictive as you let it be. And whether you love peanut butter, have a peanut allergy or just want to shake up your nut butter collection, these seven nut butters are an easy, delicious way to add some new flavors to your life. 

Last Tuesday may have been National Peanut Butter Day...but the other 364 days are made for these unique, flavor-packed nut butters. 

What's your favorite kind of nut butter? Do you like peanut butter? Comment below! 


  1. Here is to wishing I could still eat peanut butter - WOMP WOMP! But oh well, at least I have my beloved salmon. LOL!

  2. Man, I used to eat the HECK out of some peanut butter. And then I discovered almond butter. And cashew butter! And then I made my own pecan butter!! Now, I eat PB and I'm ... meh. But, hand me some of that other stuff and game ON!


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