Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac

I don't know if all bloggers are super curious or if I'm the only one, but there's something immensely satisfying about seeing what someone else's life is like. Not only is it a little escape from our own, but you can also get some major #lifegoals - ranging from some delicious new recipe to meditation inspiration.

Now, I'm not promising either of those from my "a day in the life..." But, if reading last week's post about my work with Entity Magazine peeked your interest, here's what my workday really looks like. Of course, this day turned out a little more exciting than some - but you'll just have to keep reading to find out why!

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac

8:45: My alarm goes off. I usually wake up earlier than this, but Daylight Savings has been kicking my booty. My old college roommate can attest to the fact that I NEVER snooze on my alarm...but the few days before, I did. Multiple times. So I decided to listen to my body, sleep in and cut my workout short. Soooo worth it. I also spent a few minutes linking up my latest blog post to that day's link parties. (If you're a blogger and haven't discovered link parties yet, get on that train! Such a great way to share your posts and meet some more awesome bloggers!)

9:00: Jump on my stationary bike and start working on an article for Entity. I know people never understand how I write and exercise at the same time, but multi-tasking is my jam.

10:00: The mailman is here! I got a surprise from Path of Life since I won Amanda's giveaway at Gluten Free and Dairy Free Reviews (check out her blog ASAP if you never have!). Path of Life offers a variety of frozen foods, many of which feature quinoa and other ingredients (so far, the Mexican mix with black beans and mango is my fave).

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac
One of the many meals now stuffed into my freezer!
10:05: Check my email...and see I received my seventh grad school rejection, this time from University of Wyoming. This was one of the top four schools that I wanted to get into, so it was definitely a brutal day. But I'm trying to focus on competing for funding in the one school I've been accepted to (Minnesota State University, Mankato) and praying for the other three schools I haven't heard from. [Note: I wrote this blog post about last Wednesday, so I've received some more grad school news since then...]

10:10: Hop in the shower. I never understood the purpose of robes until I moved to Colorado Springs. Now, I 100% percent get it. It's freakin' cold right out of the shower, and I can't get dressed quick enough.

10:30: Finish one article for Entity and start the next. I also am sipping my usual morning "tea," which is warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac
On Instagram...versus real life!
11:30: Enjoy a late brunch. I don't know if I totally buy the whole intermittent fasting thang, but I naturally don't tend to get hungry until around 11 (usually because my night snack can happen as late as 10:30 the previous night). I also love working out first-thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It works for me, but you do you! And, no, my breakfast usually doesn't look as beautified as the photo I share on Instagram. This is what breakfast at work really looks like: defrosted smoothie, toppings all over the counter and munching in front of the computer!

11:30-2:15: Pulling a Rhianna and work, work, workin'. I did take one short break, though, to go for a walk with my folks to enjoy the insanely gorgeous weather. I know people out East are struggling with snow storms (and I totally wish you the best!), but we're loving the high 60s and 70s (!!!) here.

2:15-4:30: I typically work until 3, but today I had an oh-so-special doctor's appointment. (Feel free to skip this section if you're the queasy type or eating). I've struggled with an ingrown toenail for the past five years, and have had it cut three times. After it began ingrowing for the fourth time a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to real treatment - aka the one where they effectively burn the nerves of your toenail to keep parts of it (in my case, both outside edges) from ever growing back. My doctor was HiLaRiOuS and definitely made the surgery a lot more enjoyable tolerable than it would've been.

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac
5:00: Finally arrive home from my doctor's appointment! I was extremely grateful for numbing shots, medical insurance and my mom's foresight to throw a flip-flop into my purse since I can't wear tight, closed-toed shoes for another 10 days. I was starving (I usually eat supper 4:00 early), so I threw some sliced veggies to broil in the oven, microwaved a potato, defrosted some chickpeas, added a slab of avocado and chowed down.

6:00-7:00: While my dad left to go help teach a class on first-aid, Mom and I tried out another episode of our latest guilty pleasure: Bull. For any NCIS fans, this is the new series featuring the same actor who played Anthony DiNozzo. We'd give it a solid C. Some of its episodes are great, others...not so much.

7:20: Decide to do some stretching, even though I can't do my usual yoga routine because of my toe (which, at this point, had come back to life with fury). Unfortunately, part of the deal with fibromyalgia is that, whenever my muscles get tight, they don't loosen up easily. And, thanks to tensing up during my toe appointment, I had one heck of a headache. Thankfully, a little stretching and some help from our hand-held massager did the trick. Sometimes chronic illnesses suck, but it's all about learning what self-care tactics really help your body at its best.

Day in the Life of a Working Post-College Celiac
My usual night activities...
8:30: Snack time! My night snacks are more like meals because 1) I like to fuel up for my workout the next morning, 2) It tastes freakin' delicious, 3) I have a major case of the night munchies and that's 100% OK. Rather than portioning out ingredients into a bowl, I basically just take over a kitchen island and spread out all of my options so I can have a lil' bit of this and that.

9:00: Take one Tylenol Codeine to manage the toe pain...and keep watching random food shows on Netflix until bed.

10:30: Realize that I am apparently a Tylenol Codeine I crawl into bed and call it a day!

So, that's what a day in the life of a working post-college celiac looks like! Some days, it seems like I have the most boring life ever. Others? I'm wishing for my non-exciting days to come back! I don't know how long this routine will stay, but I know I'm making the most of it for now.

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Do you like reading about a day in other people's lives? What does a day in your life look like right now? Don't tell me I'm the only girl you loves these kind of posts!


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