A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Sometimes, I love cooking a delicious gluten free meal from scratch. But during especially busy times of the year, having a gluten free frozen meal waiting for me in my kitchen makes life with celiac disease a whole lot easier. And since my life has been extra crazy the past few years due to working two jobs while also being a full-time grad student, I’ve tried my fair share of gluten free frozen meals recently.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

So considering that the holidays is certainly one of the busy seasons of the year, I thought I would round up eight of my favorite gluten free frozen meal brands that I often rely on for busy days. And whether you’re looking for the best gluten free frozen pizza, easy gluten free and vegetarian pre-made meals or paleo freezer meals, I have a yummy option for you on this round up!

1. Real Good Foods

We’ll begin with a grain free and gluten free brand that consistently blows my mind: Real Good Foods. I first learned about them through a sponsored partnership opportunity, but can honestly say that I love their food. Their products range from gluten free frozen pizza made with cauliflower to grain free Italian-like entrees to stuffed chicken breasts. All of their products are gluten free and grain free (they do contain dairy, FYI!) and I’ve loved every version that I’ve tried.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

My personal favorites are the Pepperoni Grain Free pizza, which are single-serve size, and the Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Most of their products are completely pre-cooked so you can whip them up super fast in the microwave or oven. If you’re looking for delicious gluten free and low carb freezer meal options, Real Good Foods is a tasty brand to start with.

2. Saffron Road

Saffron Road is another gluten free company that was kind enough to reach out to me on Instagram and even surprised me with a few samples during an especially crazzzzy week at grad school. I’m often a bit cautious with trying pre-made curries since I’m a baby when it comes to spice, but even their medium spicy Madras Curry with Chicken Meatballs was mild enough for my taste buds to handle. But there was still tons of flavor.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Besides all of their gluten free frozen foods being certified gluten free, Saffron Road’s entrees also include a few vegan options like (one of my favorites) the Vegetable Biryani and a Vegetable Pad Thai. I haven’t ever tried any of their enchiladas or lamb dishes, but all of the Saffron Roads frozen foods I have eaten have impressed me with how tender the meat tasted (if it was included), how well everything was spiced and the soft, pillowy texture the basmati rice. I also love that these gluten free meals are suuuuper convenient since you can just pop them into the microwave for a few minutes and dig in.

3. Scott and Jon's Shrimp Bowls

I’ve never considered myself a huge shrimp lover but Scott and Jon's Shrimp Bowls have definitely put me on the path to conversion! They do sell some pasta bowls that are not gluten free, so be sure to grab their rice bowls if you’re interested. And note that these gluten free freezer meals are indicated gluten free, but are not certified gluten free if that is a trait you look for in all your meals.

However, their gluten free shrimp and rice bowls are very delicious. Again, I was a bit worried that their Shrimp Jambalaya bowl would be too spicy for me, but the fluffy white rice was the perfect mild accompaniment to the spiced shrimp and crunchy bell pepper, celery and onion. I liked their Cilantro Lime Shrimp Rice Bowl even more since it basically tasted like a burrito bowl with a seafood twist.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

I’ve seen these meals on sale pretty often at local grocery stores like Hy-Vee and if you are interested in lower-calorie options, these gluten free freezer meals are 300 calories or less each. I think the meals could definitely do with some more shrimp and toppings, as sometimes I ended up with a bowl of rice near the end of eating, but when I’m craving seafood and don’t have time to cook, I greatly appreciate Scott and Jon’s for providing a gluten free option.

4. Path of Life

Whether you’re looking for a full gluten free frozen meal or just easy sides to make cooking a lot quicker, Path of Life’s frozen quinoa mixes are one of my favorite products to keep in my freezer. Path of Life also offers frozen cauliflower rice and roasted cauliflower blends, and all their products are certified gluten free.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

My personal favorite are their Southwest Mango Quinoa Blend, which has black beans, fire-roasted corn and cilantro and lime, and their Deep Roots Quinoa Blend with root veggies (yay for sweet potato!) and kale. You can eat these frozen quinoa meals on their own, but I find them even tastier when paired with other odds and ends I already have in my kitchen, like avocado, leftover salmon or hummus, added to a wrap, etc.

5. Beetnik Foods

If you’re looking for certified gluten free freezer meals or paleo frozen meals, Beetnik Foods is one brand that should be on the top of your list. All their foods are also certified USDA organic and they’ve recently added even more meal options to their line-up.

Beetnik Foods offers frozen meals ranging from Fire Roasted Pepper Steak with Whipped Potato to Grassfed Beef Meatballs to Sesame Ginger Chicken. My personal favorites include their Lemongrass Chicken (I could smother the thick lemongrass sauce in this meal on basically any savory dish and live happily!) and their Chicken Meatballs in marinara sauce.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

Again, these meals are super convenient to make since they come out delicious just from the microwave. I also love that they include more vegetables than most freezer meals and that all the meat is always super moist and tender.

All of Beetnik Foods’ meals do contain meat, so they aren’t a good option for everyone. However, if you eat paleo or just want an easy certified gluten free meal, Beetnik Foods is definitely a quality buy.

6. Feel Good Foods

Finally, a gluten free freezer meal that can help satisfy your take out cravings! I again discovered Feel Good Foods via Instagram, and was sold at first bite. All of their products are certified gluten free, non-GMO and they also use antibiotic-free proteins. My favorite part, though, is that Feel Good Foods offer gluten free alternatives that are often in limited supply: in particular, egg rolls, taquitos, potstickers, empanadas and snack bites.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

So far, one of my surprise favorites has been their Chicken and Chipotle Taquitos. I wasn’t expecting too much from a stuffed corn tortilla, but the chicken was super tender and flavorful and the tortilla got deliciously crispy in the oven. The taquitos were on the edge of being too spicy for me (I am team mild), but the flavor was worth it and I appreciated that the onions mixed in with the chicken were very subtle. I’ve actually never had an empanada, potsticker or egg roll since my celiac diagnosis, so I’m hoping to try some of those soon!

7. Mikey's 

Whether you're gluten free, grain free or just want a healthy freezer meal to keep for busy days, Mikey's is a brand you need to know about. I'm an ambassador of theirs and was immediately blown away by how all their products are gluten free, grain free, soy free and dairy free. Then I taste tested a bunch of products and soon found myself addicted to Mikey's fluffy, grain free English muffins, soft and chewy cassava tortillas and dairy free pizza pockets that take me back to bagel bites and after-school snacks.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

I also love that all of Mikey's products can be defrosted quickly, and Mikey's also offers goodies like paleo muffin tops, a grain-free pizza crust and egg pockets, all made of simple ingredients.

8. Blake’s Chicken Pot Pie 

If you’re craving gluten free comfort food and don’t have the time or energy to make it yourself, you might love my mom’s go-to Walmart treat: Blake’s Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie! This gluten free freezer meal is also milk free, and Blake's offers a cornbread crust version too. Since Blake's regular chicken pot pie is nearly identical to the gluten free version, make sure you look for the gluten free symbol on the front of the box.

A College Celiac's Favorite Gluten Free Frozen Meals

As for how it tastes, I actually haven’t given it a try yet. However, my mom is a huge fan of the flaky crust and tender chicken, and appreciates that it’s still light enough to not upset her sensitive stomach. My mom usually bulks it up with some extra rice and chicken, but you can eat it on its own for a lower calorie meal as well.

The Bottom Line of Gluten Free Freezer Meals

When you have celiac disease or a medically restricted diet, it can be hard to find safe, easy and quick meals. I know that in college, I definitely felt jealous about how easy it was for my friends to grab a frozen pizza or ramen cup while my gluten free food typically took more work and time.

Luckily, even just since my celiac diagnosis six years ago, there are a lot more delicious gluten free freezer foods out in the world - and whether you’re craving Asian, Italian, Indian or classic comfort food, there is a gluten free freezer meal out there for you. And hopefully this round up gave you some solid places to start your yummy, convenient gluten free eating!

Which of these freezer meals sounds yummiest to you? Tell me in the comments!


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