55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it's socially acceptable to fully embrace alll the holiday spirit...and all the holiday food. That's why I'm ringing in December with a round-up of 55 delicious and healthy gluten free dessert recipes for the holidays! These gluten free desserts certainly aren't "health food" but I scoured the blogosphere for gluten free desserts that have slightly healthier twists, like hidden veggies, mostly whole-food ingredients or lower amounts of sugar. Plus, this round-up includes plenty of keto, paleo, vegan, low carb, dairy free and egg free dessert options...so whatever your dietary needs or desires this holiday season, you can still find a yummy gluten free holiday recipe to celebrate with!

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

And if you do decide to leave out one of these 55 gluten free holiday desserts for Santa instead of your usual sugar cookies, I'm sure he wouldn't complain...

1. Pumpkin Spice Cream Danish (Keto, Refined Sugar Free) - Keen For Keto

This gluten free danish features mozzarella as one of its surprise ingredients, and is not only keto but also refined sugar free.

2. No-Bake Chocolate Covered Tahini Gingerbread Bars (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free Option) - Moon and Spoon and Yum

You won't believe how decadent nuts, dates and coconut flour can really be!

3. "Mr. Grinch" Berry Banana Bread (Vegan, Oil Free, Refined Sugar Free) - Casey the College Celiac

This super dense, thick and (dare I say) fudgy vegan banana bread is loaded with spinach (for a festive green color!), raspberries and classic Christmas spices like cinnamon and vanilla.

4. Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips (Vegan, Oil Free) - Nutriciously 

You'll be amazed how delicious gluten free oats, vegan chocolate, peanut butter and a lil' lemon juice can taste together.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

5.  Dark Chocolate Hummus (Dairy Free) - Really Are You Serious

Chickpeas just got a sweet and chocolatey makeover.

6. Mock Apple Pie Filling (Keto) - Two Sleevers

It's hard to believe, but this gluten free apple pie recipe actually uses eggplant instead of apples. And according to the recipe's reviews, the swap is pretty dang convincing!

7. Healthy Almond Joy Bars (Vegan) - Crowded Kitchen 

Who needs store-bought candy when you can make your own gluten free and vegan chocolate instead?

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

8. Carrot Cake Raw Balls (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free) - Simply Healthy Vegan

Use gluten free oat flour and nuts to whip up these snack-sized versions of carrot cake.

9. Almond Thumbprint Cookies - Debra Klein 

Homemade cranberry chia jam take these gluten free Christmas cookies to the next level.

10. Pumpkin Pie with Nut-Free Crust (Paleo, Refined Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free) - Paleo Gluten Free Guy

You don't need any refined sugar or grains to make a gluten free pumpkin pie that everyone will enjoy.

11. Chocolate Mousse (Paleo) - Cook At Home Mom

This paleo dessert is as vibrant as it is delicious thanks to ingredients like sweet potato and pomegranate seeds.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

12. Carrot Cake Cupcakes (Keto) - The Flying Couponer 

These keto cupcakes are moist, tender, and prove that adding some sneaky veggies into your Christmas desserts can create super tasty results. 

13. Healthy Apple Crisp - Hot Pan Kitchen

This gluten free apple crisp features almond meal in its crumble to boost the dessert's fiber and protein.

14. Lemon Mug Cake for One (Grain Free, Keto and Dairy Free Options) - The Helpful GF

This gluten free mug cake is not only sugar free, but it's also high in protein.

15. Secret-Ingredient Chocolate Avocado Truffles with a Kick (Keto, Paleo, & Vegan) - Whole New Mom

Looking for food Christmas gifts? These paleo truffles would make anyone smile.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

16. Easy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - Natural Deets

This gluten free cookie recipe is given a healthy twist with the addition of banana for some natural sweetening.

17. Dessert Salty Chocolate Pecan Bark (Low Carb, Keto) - Healthy with Jamie

This gluten free holiday dessert only requires three ingredients and you can mix and match different nuts and seeds to make this the bark of your dreams. ;)

18. Christmas Cheesecake (Low Carb) - The Gluten Free Option

This festively-colored cheesecake uses freshly ground almonds to make its cheesecake crus.

19. Sweet Potato Brownies (Vegan) - My Pure Plants

While these brownies certainly aren't superfoods, the sweet potato used in the gluten free brownies and frosting adds Vitamin A and antioxidants.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

20. Pecan Pie Bars (Paleo, Egg Free, Refined Sugar Free) - Allergy Free Alaska

If you're craving pecan pie, but want a slightly higher option, these gluten free pecan pie bars should land high up on your to-do list.

21. Fruit Cake (Paleo) - A Sweet Alternative

This is one fruit cake that people will actually want to dig into! Instead of candied fruit, this gluten free dessert features raisins and dates, and also features paleo-friendly ingredients like coconut flour.

22. Chewy Pumpkin Popcorn Balls (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free Option) - Casey the College Celiac

These chewy pumpkin popcorn balls are easy to make and even easier to eat! Plus, they're made with healthy ingredients like banana, dates, coconut flour, popcorn and fall spices.

23. French Silk Pie (Keto, Vegetarian, Refined Sugar Free) - Low Carb Spark

An oreo-like pie crust that's also gluten free, keto and keto? Sold.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

24. Easy Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (Paleo) - Cook, Eat Paleo

These cookies don't have any flour, refined sugar or butter, but they still hit the spot when you're craving a chocolate chip cookie.

25. Creme Brulee (Keto, Sugar Free) - Whole Lotta Yum

This keto dessert recipe only calls for five ingredients, and you'd never guess this treat is sugar free.

26. Quick Key Lime Pie Icebox Cake (Keto-Friendly, Low Carb) - Appetite For Energy

If you need a low carb dessert for the holidays and are on a time crunch, you'll love that you can whip up this icebox cake in just 30 minutes. 

27. Bhapa Doi (or Creamy Yogurt) in an Instant Pot or Oven - Indian Ambrosia

If you're craving cheesecake but want something a little less decadent, this Greek yogurt dessert with strawberry topping is a delicious alternative.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

28. Cinnamon Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies (Vegan, Paleo) - Any Reason Vegan

You only need three ingredients for these gluten free cookies, and they'll be sure to win over sweet potato lovers.

29. Tahini Halva Cake (Keto, Vegan) - Mind, Body and Spirit Wellbeing 

If you've never tried tahini in a dessert, this gluten free cake recipe is your sign to change that ASAP.

30. 5 Minute Quick Blend Banana & Avocado Chocolate Mousse Pudding (Paleo) - Recipe This

When those late-night chocolate cravings hit, this quick gluten free dessert is the perfect secret weapon.

31. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (Grain Free) - And Here We Are

This gluten free chocolate cake recipe is grain free, and it can easily be made sugar free depending on what sugar and chocolate you use.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

32. No Bake Gingerbread Cheesecake Truffles (Low Fat) - Fresh, Fit N Healthy

These no bake truffles are low in sugar, and high in protein, fiber and flavor.

33. Cinnamon & Raisin Almond Flour Cookies (Grain Free, Paleo, Refined Sugar Free) - Emma Eats and Explores

If you need a healthy gluten free Christmas cookie recipe, this one just might do the trick! I loooove cinnamon and raisins, so this sounds like a delicious treat to me.

34. Best Raspberry Lemon Tart (Dairy Free) - Welcome to the One Perfect

This gluten free pastry is actually made from two simple ingredients - nuts and dates - and the filling is equally simple and scrumptious.

35. No-Bake Molasses Cookies (Vegan, Paleo) - Evolving Table

If these paleo Christmas don't have you drooling, I don't know what will.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

36. Pumpkin Brownies (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Oil Free, Nut Free Option) - Rhian's Recipes 

If you like fudgy brownies, you're sure to loooove these healthy brownies, which are higher in protein and fiber than your typical dessert.

37. Peppermint Bark (Vegan) - Pink Fortitude

This vegan bark dessert is easy to make and only calls for five simple ingredients.

38. Dye-Free Coconut Rainbow Cookies (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free) - Casey the College Celiac

If you want a Christmas dessert that can also double as a fun craft for kids, you'll love these gluten free cookies, which are dyed with superfoods like turmeric and spirulina!

39. Fudge (Vegan, Paleo) - Texanerin

This homemade fudge only requires six ingredients, is a bit higher in protein than the traditional version thanks to the addition of almond butter, is can easily be made paleo.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

40. Apple Pie With Crumb Topping (Dairy Free, Vegan) - Healthy Taste of Life

With a pie crust made from oat flour, cassava flour, sorghum flour and flax seed flour, this ain't your mama's apple pie. But it is still very delicious.

41. Chocolate Crunch Bars (Vegan) - Served From Scratch

I personally love a lil' crunch with my chocolate, so this vegan chocolate recipe is my kind of holiday treat!

42. Instant Pot Arroz con Dulce, or Puerto Rican Rice Pudding (Dairy Free) - Beyond Mere Sustenance 

Who says rice can't be transformed into a festive and delicious dessert?

43. The Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Chilli Cookies (Vegan) - The Fiery Vegetarian 

This gluten free chocolate cookie recipe is full of surprising ingredients like chickpeas and balsamic vinegar, so if you want to shake up your usual holiday baking, this is a delicious place to start.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

44. Sweet Potato Pudding (Vegan, Oil Free) - Delightful Adventures

Warm, fall-inspired spices and a few other simple ingredients take mashed sweet potato to the next level.

45. Healthy Black Bean Brownies (Sugar Free) - In The Kids Kitchen

You won't believe how black beans can transform into a soft, super chocolatey gluten free brownie.

46. Mini Purple Cheesecakes (Vegan, Raw) - Vegan Doll House

Add a pop of purple to your holiday parties by bringing these adorable purple cheesecakes. Plus, they feature mostly whole-food ingredients like almond flours and cashews.

47. Better Than Reese's Healthy Peanut Butter Cup (Vegan Option) - Radial Strength

This gluten free chocolate recipe only calls for four ingredients and you can whip them up in as little as 10 minutes! Chocolate and peanut butter heaaaaven.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

48. Paleo "Sugar" Cookies (Grain Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free) - Titus 2 Homemaker

These aren't your mama's sugar cookies, but they're still a delicious alternative if you're on a gluten free or paleo diet during the holidays.

49. Delicata Squash Coconut Flour Brownies (Paleo, Refined Sugar Free) - Fearless Dining

If you keep the hidden veggie in this paleo brownie a secret, no one will be able to guess!

50. No Bake Protein Balls with Rosehips (Vegan) - Simply Beyond Herbs

These gluten free protein balls taste like dessert but are packed with protein, antioxidants and fiber.

51. Chaffles Recipe Five Ways (Keto) - Wholesome Yum 

Ever heard of chaffles? Apparently, they're a kind of keto waffle made mostly from egg and cheese...and you can even make sweet versions like cinnamon sugar and pumpkin. Mind. Blown!

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

52. Mini Cheesecakes with Raspberry Sauce (Keto, Low Carb) - Keto Cooking Christian 

Raspberries give this keto cheesecake a pop of color and make it perfect for the holidays.

53. Pistachio And Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt Bark (Low Carb) - Recipes From a Pantry

You only need four simple ingredients to turn frozen yogurt into a healthy but addictive frozen treat.

54. Spirulina Chocolate (Keto, Sugar Free) - Primal Edge Health

Chocolate that is also packed with hidden superfoods? What could be better?

55. Strawberry Coconut Crisp (Dairy Free) - Maple and Mango

This gluten free crisp recipe is vibrant and a bit healthier thanks to ingredients like strawberries, almond flour and chopped nuts.

55 Healthy Gluten Free Dessert Recipes for the Holidays

Reminder: Some Places to Find Gluten Free, Celiac-Safe Nuts and Seeds

As you've probably noticed, a lot of these gluten free recipes feature nuts and seeds. Make sure yours are gluten free and non-cross-contaminated. (Same with any oats you use!) Some of my favorite brands to buy gluten free nuts and seeds from are Nuts.com and Anthony's Goods (I usually order the latter on Amazon). I'm also an ambassador for Foods Alive, which offer a variety of delicious seeds and nuts, from hemp seeds to walnuts. Some of my favorites are their organic sunflower seeds and organic pumpkin seeds.  

And just a hint, but celiac-safe baking ingredients are always my kind of gluten free Christmas gifts... ;) 

Happy Holidays!

Whatever holidays you're celebrating in the next month, I hope that it's full of good memories, fun times with friends and family and some delicious gluten free food.

And if you need even more ideas for gluten free holiday recipes, check out my previous round-ups: 41 Gluten Free Party Food Recipes for the Holidays and 33 Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Recipes For the Holidays.

Which of these gluten free desserts sound the most drool-worthy to you? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Hi Casey - What a great roundup of gluten free treats for the holidays! PINNED and sharing on FB!!! Thank you for including my Peppermint Bark. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

  2. Excellent collection! I'm very into these and pinned a bunch of them. Thank you!

  3. All these look so good! I can't believe they're all healthy, too. I don't know which one I want to try first!

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  6. Wow these healthy dessert recipes are simply awesome. These gluten free recipes are best as vegetarians. Thanks for this recipe. As a vegan I can eat this dessert too.


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