If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free...

With Christmas less than a week away, Christmas music is a common backdrop in many stores, public transportation and holiday parties. Since I love bringing a little laughter into living with celiac disease, I thought it would be a fun experiment to re-write some traditional Christmas songs with a gluten free twist.

If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free...

Obviously, eating gluten free and having celiac disease does not control my whole life and I don’t think about it all the time. Equally true is that you won’t find me caroling these edited lyrics anytime soon! ;) But if you want some holly, jolly laughter - or a light but still educational post about what living with celiac disease is like to share with friends and family - keep reading (and maybe even sing along) to gluten free versions of nine common Christmas songs.

1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Gluten-Free Reindeer

You know keto and paleo and vegan and Whole 30...dairy free and vegetarian and Atkins and high protein...but do you know a thing...about eating celiac-safe, gluten free?

2. Walking in a Winter Gluten Free Wonderland

In the aisle, we are grinning. It’s all gluten free - we are winning! When gluten means bad, grocery shopping can be sad...but not while walking in a GF wonderland.

If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free...

3. Dreaming of a White Gluten Free Christmas 

It’s a trulllly nice Christmas...without youuuu, gluten. You taste good but you cause me harm. So Santa’s bringing me goodies like gluten free cookies and I’ll eat them with cocoa by the fire.

4. Sleigh Ride (to Gluten Free Cookies)

I smell those gluten free cookies baking, baking away. I cannot wait to dig into them later today...

Who says who says that you need wheat...to make something that tastes so good and sweet? Who cares who cares what others say? They don’t know how good GF can be anyway!

5. But Baby Gluten Is Delicious It’s Cold Outside

“I really can’t eat it...”
“But it tastes so dang good!”
“Gluten and my body don’t mix...”
“But wheat is ‘healthy’ for you!”
“No celiac doesn’t go away...no matter what your aunt might say...”

If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free...

6. Last Christmas 

Last Christmas, I gave you a try. A gluten free recipe, for just me and I. But you smelled so tasty, my whole family felt envy, so this year I’m baking gluten free for us all!

7. Jingle Bell Gluten Free Rock 

Eating gluten free can really rock - even if wheat can hide in soy sauce. With enough practice, you’ll become a pro. Just watch ya go!

8. Silver Bells

Supportive friends...Supportive friends...they’re the true stars of the holidays. They know I won’t cheat...on celiac disease. And make me feel loved just the same!

If Christmas Carols Were About Eating Gluten Free...

9. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Walking around the holiday party with your special gluten free snacks. People ask why you aren’t eating the spread and so you do explain: “I need to eat gluten free, so I brought my own treats. I promise it tastes pretty good, so don’t even worry bout lil’ old me.”

Happy Holidays from Casey the College Celiac!

However you’re spending the holiday season, I hope these hilariously gluten free Christmas carol lyrics gave you a smile or laugh. And if you need gluten free Christmas recipe ideas, you can always check out my various gluten free holiday round ups: 55 Healthy Gluten Free Holiday Desserts, 33 Gluten Free Christmas Cookie Recipes for the Holidays and 41 Gluten Free Party Food Recipes for the Holidays.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Tell me in the comments!

This post first appeared at Casey the College Celiac.


  1. Not a Christmas carol, but...

    Ruben, Ruben, I've been thinking
    What a great world this would be
    If all gluten were transported
    Far beyond the northern sea.

    Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking
    What a glad world this would be
    If all cooks would skip the gluten
    Making food for you and me!

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