Favorite Snack 1: Think Thin Protein Bars

Life revolves around food. We can wear the "health conscious" mindset and try to deny it, but the sun rises and sets around sustenance. Breakfast, lunch, dinner...but perhaps, most important, the snacks that keep us motivated and energized throughout the day. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, however, it seems like snacks may be canceled out. What can we eat that's prepared and ready, but not entirely unhealthy?

Well, although I've certainly had my share of product failures, I've found a few snacks that will certainly be part of the 15 pounds of snacks I'll carry around in my backpack all through college. This will be my first snack review, but more will come!

I'm a fruit person, so when hungry I usually reach for berries, grapes, and apples first. If those can't satisfy me, though, I love to munch on Think Thin Protein Bars. Not all of the flavors are gluten free, but there is a plethora of flavors that are, ranging Chocolate Fudge to Creamy Peanut Butter.

I've tried half a dozen of the flavors so far, but Brownie Crunch is my favorite. It has a delicious chocolatey flavor without being overpowering. And while the name may suggest otherwise, the dense texture of the bar downplays the sweetness of the chocolate enough that it doesn't taste like a decadant dessert.

For a snack, I usually only eat half of a bar at a time, but they can easily act as a meal in a pinch. When I went to hang out with friends at the beach, for example, I ended up having a Chocolate Covered Strawberries bar for lunch when I couldn't find any GF restaurant cheap or nearby.

If you don't take to the slightly chemical taste of these bars, though, the Think Thin Crunch Bars may fit your palete perfectly. Although the bar ingredients vary, they all have assorted nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc) drizzled with honey. Except for the naked original, most are accompanied by chocolate or dried fruit.

Usually, I'm not a nut person, but the sweetness of the honey perfectly counterbalances the base's nutty taste. I also love the nut's crunchiness combined with the gooiness of the honey every time I bite into one of the bars. My favorites include Crunch Blueberry Mixed Nuts, or, when my sweet tooth is screaming, Crunch Chocolate Dipped Nuts.

The blueberries are well spread throughout the clumps of nuts and taste surprisingly natural instead of preserved. As for the chocolate, while it's thinly spread enough to not overtake the nuts, you definitely taste it with every bite.

I hope you all find snacks that I like as much as these bars, and don't be afraid to give them a try! Finding great gluten-free food is a challenge (I personally shop at the specialty food store, Sprouts), but once found, they remain delicious for life.

What's your favorite snack? Comment below!


  1. I picked up a few of these bars today and the brownie crunch was so yummy! I'm new to gluten free and the only snack bars I knew about were Lara bars before but I am going to give these a try!

  2. I hope you like them as much as I do! And yes, the brownie crunch is DELICIOUS! Good luck with the gluten free diet - I know you can do it! :)


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