Favorite Snack 2: Glutino Pretzels

College and late night snacking are synonymous, but, as a celiac, my snacking is more limited then most. When I saw a package of Glutino's Pretzels sitting in my local grocery aisle (the speciality food store, Sprouts), then, you can imagine why, after I secured my booty, jumped up and down in excitement. Even if I can't enjoy the results of late-night burrito runs, at least I can look like a walrus with two pretzels sticking out of my mouth like every other, mature college student

Before I went gluten free, pretzels were my "healthier" alternative to potato chips. I once told my mom I could live off of pretzels and chocolate, and, with these gluten free babies, now that is still true. Glutino has many different options, ranging from pretzel chips to pretzels coated with white chocolate. For my first dip into the realm of Glutino, though, I stuck with the traditional "stick" shaped pretzels. 

To the naked eye, the GF pretzels look identical to my past favorites. They have the same light brown color, with the majority of the pretzels being neither under or over cooked, and salt is sprinkled evenly throughout. Curiously, though, these pretzels are much lighter in weight than the regular kind. This gives them an airy taste and a much better crunch than any of the pretzels I've tasted before. 

It won't be easy being gluten free at college. When I heard the word "celiac" applied to me, I thought of my overnight stay at Point Loma Nazarene University with a cringe. I'd gone and watched a movie while munching on fresh popcorn. The girls at my dorm had banned together at one in the morning to bake chocolate chip cookies. Bowls of pretzels and goldfish accented the side tables of the lounge. Basically junk food was everywhere. 

Glutino's pretzels won't fix all these problems but at least I will have some snack to chomp on along with everyone else. Delicious and practical! 

They have received the Casey seal of approval

What are your favorite GF snacks? Have you tried Glutino's pretzels before? Comment below! 


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