Replacement Gluten Free Croutons

In my mind, celiac disease is all about experimentation. You experiment with your sensitivities to gluten, food alternatives to previous favorites, and how to tell people about your diet without sounding like a picky health-nut.

My family's most successful food experiment thus far? The Gluten Free Bagel Chips in the Parmesan and Garlic flavor from Glutino

I know celiacs who, even with the gluten free diet restrictions, haven't chomped in a salad for months. My story is as opposite as it gets. When I was first diagnosed, salads were the easiest - and safest - lunch or dinner. Now, with more recipes under my belt, I've scaled down my salad obsession, but I still love a good bowl of greens every once in a while. 

That's where Glutino's chips come in. I never would have expected to miss croutons so much after going gluten free, but no matter how many carrots or peppers I placed on my salad, I still longed for the croutons' signature tang and crunch. The chips fill this gap perfectly. 

Each chip is about the size of three or four croutons, so I like to break them up before sprinkling them in my salad. The garlic and cheese powder coating is generous but not overwhelming and they have a great, crunchy texture without being overcooked or too hard to chew. Also, unlike gluten-containing croutons, I've never had a chip become soggy from my salad dressing. The crouton has been reborn, new and wonderfully gluten free!

My yummy salad 

It's not easy to transition to a gluten free diet after enjoying glutinous treats for 17 years. But, with the help of my family, (my mom actually found this delectable treat) and some great alternative foods, I've been able to turn a tolerable diet into a delicious one too! 

What are your favorite gluten free foods? Have you experimented to find alternative goodies? Comment below! 


  1. Awesome, I have to try these. I just found out I have Celiac Disease and stumbled upon your blog for food inspiration. I too have been eating whole lot of greens, but I am missing the texture of certain foods.

  2. Glad it helped! Yes, the beginning transition from regular to gluten free is definitely the hardest! Thank goodness I like vegetables and fruits. Glutino has a lot of great snack food that's gluten free. Let me know if you have any questions about the gluten free diet or recommendations :)

    Celiacs unite! ;)


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