#GlutenFree Monthly Favorites: Thanksgiving, Cast Iron Paleo Book Review & More

Does anyone else feel like they woke up from a post-Thanksgiving turkey coma...and it was suddenly December? While I didn't actually enjoy the typical Thanksgiving feast this year, December still seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

So what did I eat and do on Turkey Day? Why is my cast iron skillet suddenly my new best friend? And what are my plans now that my college graduation is less than three weeks away (insert screaming emoji here)? 

casey the college celiac

Find out all of that and more in November's Monthly Favorites!

What I'm Eating

Dumpling veggie soup. Since my parents moved to Colorado Springs over the summer and I knew I'd be flying home in early December, I decided to spend Thanksgiving in my college apartment this year. So, instead of whipping up the usual feast, I went with dumpling veggie soup (loosely based off of this recipe) in the crockpot. And I proceeded to eat the leftovers for four days straight. At least I didn't break that Thanksgiving tradition!

Anything and everything from my cast iron skillet. Even though I first bought my skillet months ago, it's been easier staring at it longingly than using it whip up dinner. Until, that is, I received a free copy of Cast Iron Paleo to review. The 101 recipes range from breakfast (the potato and veggie hash is my favorite!) to savory meals to desserts. While most of the recipes are meat-based, there is a vegetarian section. Some of my fave vegan options? Eggplant Involtini with a nut-based "ricotta" cheese and Sizzling Portobello Fajitas. Reading has never been so...drool-worthy.

casey the college celiac
Eats have been good, to say the least!
The last of my stash of Chewy Pumpkin Popcorn Balls. I stored a container of these in the freezer when I first made the recipe, and I've been addicted to adding one or two to my morning smoothies. Creamy + chewy + crunchy = one happy Casey. 

What I'm Doing

Plenty of yoga "me dates" to stretch my body and mind. Although I'm usually kept busy with class during the day, my nights are more up for grabs. So, of course, I've been taking advantage of Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube for some dorm-room practice. If you're self conscious about trying out new poses in front of others, or don't have the time or money to travel to a studio, this YouTube channel is a definite winner!

Adventures with friends...from Dia de los Muertos at Old Town to girl's night lunch out at Whole Foods. Now that I'm done with grad school applications, I'm dedicating my free time to friends. The Dia de Los Muertos festival was tons of fun (though I'll admit my favorite part was seeing a dog perched on a man's shoulders during the parade. The phrase "birds' eye view" just became even more complicated.) And can you ever go wrong with Whole Foods' hot bar? I don't think so.

casey the college celiac
A few snaps of adventures!
Taking too many cliffside walks to count. Since I was alone for three out of the five days of Thanksgiving break, I spent a lot of time enjoying Sunset cliffs and playing around with my phone camera. In fact, I took a walk every day but one, and those were actually the highlight of my break. 

What I'm Planning

Christmas is almost here...and so are plenty of product reviews and even a giveaway or two. Look out for names like Flamous Brands chips and Frontier Snacks - plus a HUGE Namaste Foods giveaway!g

Speaking of Christmas, I'm also going to be savoring the Christmas spirit around my college. I'm imagining plenty of night walks around campus to see the lights, as well as a visit to Garrison Street (a neighborhood renowned for its epic decorations). I'm sure a few more festive recipes will sneak into my kitchen (and mouth) too!

casey the college celiac christmas
Throwing it back to sophomore year!
Graduating college in less than one month! The end of this semester will be the most bittersweet one yet. On one hand, I am (beyond) ready to be done with classes and fly back to Colorado Springs. I haven't seen my family since August 28, so I'm definitely down for some quality time! On the other hand, the end of the semester also means lots of packing and semi-permanent goodbyes. As I'll share later next week, my college experience wasn't exactly what I expected...but it was exactly what I needed to become the strong, determined graduate I am. (Expect a few graduation photos this coming January, when I'll actually walk!) 

Whether December creeped up on you or you've been playing Christmas carols since November 1, this last month was surely filled with plenty of memorable eats and activities. As I begin my last month as a college student, the phrase "Winter Wonderland" has never felt more accurate. 

casey the college celiac
No words needed...
Because this winter, I'm wondering about plenty of topics - not the least of which is: "How the heck did we get here already?" But I'm also staring around in wonder at all I've accomplished...and all that's yet to come. 

*Also found at Pretty Pintastic Party and Dare to Share!*

When do you officially start "celebrating" the Christmas season? What were some of your favorite November eats and activities? What about December plans! Tell me all about it below!


  1. Congrats on almost graduating!! I love yoga "me dates" as well. I have a hard time getting in the holiday spirit with my busy schedule surrounding finals, but hopefully when I get home I can start celebrating!


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