Just a Little

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget. In between taking classes and working at my internship, cooking food and watching Walking Dead with the boy, I need to be a gluten ninja. Because, it only takes a little to kick a celiac's butt.

This weekend, folks, my butt has been kicked.

Just joining the cast of the Walking Dead...
I don't know what has made my legs feel like they weigh one hundred pounds or my stomach decide to throw a fit. Maybe not cleaning the kitchen counter top carefully enough, or too many kisses too soon after the boy ate. Honestly, it doesn't really matter. What does? Remembering the little things in a celiac's life.

The little ways a body shows that something is wrong - like never shaking the "I-just-woke-up" haze hanging in front of my eyes.

The little ways friends can make me feel normal, even when my body isn't. (Like my amazing roommate who surprised me with this late birthday present. Can you say "Personalized kitchen swag?" A+ gift choice.)

Cute and functional!
The little comforts I turn to when I'm not feeling well. Cue the charcoal pills, which have become my secret weapon against an upset stomach. And, as my roommates have quickly learned, lots of mini yoga sessions. They've now gotten used to walking into the apartment and seeing me twisted and stretching on the floor with my textbooks.

The little shortcuts for whipping up a nutritious, delicious meal. My favorite plain, quick, but tasty treat? A baked potato stuffed with whatever leftovers I have chilling in the fridge. My favorite comfort foods can always be made in 15 minutes or less!

The little moments of this junior year (so far!) that make me smile in memory. Like Nick discovering that blue jolly ranchers make great fashion statements. Or when I discovered my roommate hid rubber rats all over my food cupboards - we always know how to celebrate the holidays in style!

Quite a pair...
The little texts from back home that remind me that, no matter how much fun I'm having at school, home with the family and pup is where the party's at!

The little laughs my roommates always give when they see me about to pose with another miscellaneous piece of food (cough, cough, corn dogs).

And, as this weekend reminded me, that "a little" packs a punch when it comes to gluten with celiac disease. The longer I'm a gluten free veteran, the easier it can be to "forget" why - the stomach pains, the fatigue, the brain fog and the general "no me gusta" attitude. And while it isn't the best experience, or something I would ever intentionally do, it triggers a big lesson.

A little part of the big picture...
Mainly? That the little things in life - the good, the bad, and the gluten - matter. (Including, even, the little gal writing this post!)

What is one "little" aspect of life important to you? Do you sometimes get less cautious with gluten the longer you haven't been glutened? Comment below!


  1. I think I do get less cautious, but currently I'm not in a gluten-exposed environment so I'm pretty safe from cross contamination!


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