Ten Thoughts a College Celiac Has when Visiting Home

Midterms. Internship. So many assignments and projects, my planner bled ink. You can understand my excitement, then, of visiting home during PLNU's three day weekend.

What you may not be as familiar with are the thoughts that flew through my head while packing, driving and chilling at home. Thoughts I'm sure most college celiacs can relate to - and everyone can chuckle at! 

1. Do I bring the blender or make my breakfast smoothies ahead of time? I love you Mom and Dad, I promise - food just has its own level on my priority list. 

True love? At least an edible version!
2. Reverse grocery shopping = taking all the perishable food with you for a weekend visit. 

3. *Looks at the huge stack of textbooks in the passenger seat and sighs* If only homework counted as a passenger for the carpool lane. 

4. As freeway comes to a screeching stop: "Don't let the bags of food fall over, not the food!"

Replace McDonalds with fruits and veggies...and this is about right!
5. I get my own bedroom again! Heck yeah to late night Netflix sessions (falls asleep at 10:30 pm). 

6. My favorite celiac-safe XYZ restaurant is nearby...lunch date anyone?

7. *Twirls around the kitchen* Look at all the places I don't have to worry about cross contamination

Why thank you Ryan!
8.  I don't have to cook tonight because dinner is already gluten free? *Insert odes to Mom's cooking here*

9. Thrifting for new mason jars for smoothies and shopping for groceries on the same day? Come at me!

10. As my parents and I exchange stories ("All of my smoothie jars exploded in the freezer." - Me "I'm getting a new tattoo." - My dad.), I can only think, "It's nice to be home."

A "supremely" awesome group!
As crazy as school gets, I always savor knowing that I have a crazy awesome family not too far away. And lots of crazy thoughts to cook up during my visit!

No complaints from me. 

What do you usually think about when visiting family or friends? How do you cope with crazy school or work weeks? Comment below! 


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