The Ultimate Gluten Free and Vegan Snack Plate Dinner

I'd like to think that I'm decently decisive. I applied to 11 grad schools around the country all on my own, and found an apartment nearby my future school a few days into my vacation from work. When it comes to food, though, it's impossible for me to stick to a few ingredients. And why should I?

After all, just picture this: a dinner plate loaded with tender roasted vegetables, creamy red potatoes and avocado, crunchy homemade chips, and a chewy spices black bean mash. Veggies and carbs? Check. Vegan protein? Check. Healthy fats? Check. Addictively delicious mix of different textures and flavors? I think that's pretty obvious

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner

When I don't know what I feel like for dinner or want to clean out the leftovers in my fridge, this hodge-podge "recipe" is my favorite meal. Ready to learn how to create your own ultimate snack plate? Here's a celiac's guide!

Instead of listing particular ingredients, I'm listing types of textures or flavors you should include, plus a few options for each. Mix and match to your appetite's delight - and experiment with your own add-ins too, of course.

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner

Non-vegetable carbs

Potatoes, from red or golden Yukon potatoes (super creamy), orange sweet potatoes (for a caramelized, sweet bite), or purple regular/sweet potatoes (for an extra pop of color and hardier texture)

Chips, tortillas or (BFree Foods gluten free and vegan) pita bread. These will add a crunchy or chewy component - plus they're freakin' delicious when dipped in avocado or your black bean mash (see below). I make my own chips by pan frying pieces of Food for Life's rice tortillas (no oil needed; just throw the tortilla pieces in a skillet and toast until crunchy on high/medium heat, flipping throughout). 

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner
That quinoa and purple potato!
Alternative carbs. If you have rice, quinoa or another grain that you need to use up, don't feel shy about throwing this in! I've also used Path of Life's Southwestern quinoa mix (that I won in a giveaway) and it was the bomb


Soft, roasted veggies like zucchini, squash, green beans or radishes. If you don't have pre-roasted veggies, you can slice them up, throw them on a baking tray with foil and broil them on high until cooked through. 

'Dem greens. I've talked about how healthy greens are for you before, so we can't forget these! I typically like iceberg lettuce for a crunchy contrast, but use whatever you have on hand

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner

Creamy sides

Avocado. Do I really have to say anything else? Avocados are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats...and they also taste unbelievable with pita bread or chips

Vegan cheese sauce. When I have a fresh batch of my fave sauce on-hand, it would be silly to not slather it over everything! It tastes especially delish on potatoes or chips...though you can't really go wrong with anything you put it on! 

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner

Spiced protein

Mashed black beans with oregano. Okay, I know this is the simplest "recipe" ever (can it even be considered a recipe?), but I've been addicted to it for 2+ months. Basically, I was craving Mexican restaurants' thick and creamy black beans like a pregnant woman a few months ago when I had the brilliant idea of just mashing my own beans into a paste. Add some oregano (or your favorite spice) and slather on everything! I honestly can't decide if I like this better than avocado on chips! (Sacrilegious, I know). 

Since this is your ultimate snack plate dinner, feel free to add other protein sources like chickpeas, tofu, chicken, fish, etc. You do you!  You can obviously also add any goodies hiding in the back of your fridge, like part of a spaghetti squash (delish), leftover three-bean chili (heavenly, as I wrote here) or even that last piece of veggie pizza (livin' it up). 

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner

Basically, this recipe (or should we call it an anti-recipe?) is a reminder that every dinner doesn't have to be perfectly harmonious or complex to be delicious. It can be a mish-mash of scrumptious ingredients - and, trust me, sometimes this messy masterpiece satisfies me better than a 5-star dinner ever could! 

Sometimes, being able to quickly make a decision and stick with it is integral to success. Sometimes, going with the flow and working with what you have is just as successful (and scrumptious). All I know? I love snacks. I love dinners packed with different textures and flavors. 

Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe: The Ultimate Snack Plate Dinner
Served with my fave kale and white bean soup from Whole Foods!

And I hope you'll fall in love with snack plates for dinner just as much as I have! 

What would you put on your snack plate? What do you like to put avocado on? 


  1. I love this! Random dinner mash ups are honestly my favorite. they're really simple and often full of variety. Your plate looked tasty!

  2. I LOVE snacking so this is right up my street! Why do big stodgy meals even exist?

    Lisa |

  3. Oooh, I love this post! Each pic looks more and more delicious! Great job!

  4. Your pictures are making me hungry!! I love how you say every dinner doesn't have to be perfect. makes me feel better about my messes most of the time

    1. As long as they're mostly tasty messes, they're all good!

  5. Oh my gosh this all looks delicious!

  6. Looks like my dinners most of the time! I love "snack plates", I usually just put together a few leftovers, nuts and some hummus for mine.

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  8. This is a real winner! It really warms the soul. So easy & delicious!

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