How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

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When it comes to following my gut or making logical judgments, I often choose the latter. There's something terrifying about making decisions - decisions that, no matter how small, could change your life - based on a "feeling." However, I have to admit that some of my best choices have emerged from just that: my gut.

How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

When I walked onto Point Loma Nazarene University's campus for the first time, sure, the gorgeous view of the ocean blew me away. However, I committed to PLNU for more reasons than that. The teachers, the small class sizes, the short drive from home...and the fact that PLNU felt like home from the start. 

And when I started losing weight and battling acid reflux after every meal, it didn't feel like just senior year stress or a stomach bug. So my mom and I went to the doctor, who followed her own gut and tested me for celiac disease. A week later, I got the phone call that changed everything...

How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

And I knew that something was still wrong with my stomach when, almost a year after I went gluten free, I was still battling symptoms. I still remember going to the doctor for a check up and having her examine my stomach for tender points. She didn't find any, but she did say, "Oh, a little bloated today..." My cheeks burned bright red. Bloated? I thought I looked good today. I thought this was normal. 

That's when Hyperbiotics entered my life. I actually have my mom to thank; she was looking for some stomach-improving tricks of her own, and found Hyperbiotics on Amazon. She was first drawn to their high rating, and soon discovered why: besides being gluten, lactose and sugar free, Hyperbiotics is non-GMO, packed with 15 probiotic strains and uses a time-release method. "So far, so good!" She told me over the phone. "My stomach finally feels mostly normal." 

How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

So I ordered my own bottle because, I figured, "It couldn't hurt." Now, I've been taking Hyperbiotics for over a year, and I've seen a big difference in my gut health. (Note: I'm not trying to sound like a salesperson or give Hyperbiotics a gushing review. This is just my honest experience.) Sure, my stomach and I will never totally get along. It still likes to bloat at random times (even when I eat the same foods) and (TMI?) gas can still happen. However, my stomach's gotten better at recovering (AKA that food baby doesn't overstay its welcome). And, when I'm traveling and eating different foods than normal, taking an extra probiotic each day has been my secret weapon. 

Whether you try Hyperbiotics or not, I'm a big believer that probiotics are necessary for a healthy gut - especially if you have an intestinal condition like celiac disease. Research is even showing that gut health can influence how the rest of your body functions - or doesn't function. For instance, some studies have linked microflora (aka, the organisms in our digestive tract) to various conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease, the inflammatory response, and obesity. Depending on your diet, you may get enough probiotics from food - like yogurt, fermented vegetables, Komboucha, etc. And many experts say that, for most people, only a short-term dose of probiotics is needed.

How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

In the case of Hyperbiotics, though, these probiotics come with more benefits than just that. Besides their Pro-15 version (the kind I use), Hyperbiotics also offers Pro-WOMEN (with cranberry and D-Mannose), Pro-MOMS (a prenatal probiotic) and Pro-KIDS (a smaller probiotic pearl with an orange flavor). Hyperbiotics claims to be 15 times more effective than other probiotics - and while I can't attest to those numbers, I will say Hyperbiotics is the best probiotic I've tried so far. 

The truth is, going with your gut can be scary. It can mean changing what "home" means to you or being diagnosed with a chronic illness. It can even include introducing a new pill to your daily routine - and not knowing if that medicine will help or hurt, or be worth the investment. 

In my experience, though, my gut decisions have come with more benefits than drawbacks. I went to a beautiful college that helped me grow in ways I never imagined. I learned what was wrong with my body - and how to treat my condition with a gluten free diet. And, with Hyperbiotics, I've learned how to take back control over my gut health. 

How a Celiac Goes With Her Gut - with Hyperbiotics

Apparently, going with your gut is sometimes just what you need to get your healthiest gut yet. 

*If you do want to give Hyperbiotics a try, as of April 25, they are being sold at Targets nationwide! As always, although I received products in return for a review, all opinions and photographs are my own. Thanks for supporting what supports Casey the College Celiac*

Do you take a probiotic? Have you ever tried Hyperbiotics? Tell me your thoughts below! 


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